Signing up to The Happiness Project

Monday was the International Day of Happiness, and I shared the day with a post. Today I’m thinking about what makes me happy all over again. Not the big things I was referring to on Monday – what governments and employers cando to make me happy, but what are the little things that make a difference.

Photo shows a small Prayer Plant in a brown plant pot sitting on a kitchen worktop
My precious 💖

Do you like my plant? I’ve raised it from a cutting and I’m delighted as we slowly approach Spring, I can see its thriving. It sits beside my computer at home and just seeing it, being able to admire the richness and depth of colours in the leaves.

Today I came across The Happiness Project by Life with Alegria. Alegra is running what looks to be some interesting prompts through her projects. Alegria’s prompt from Tuesday is to find something tiny in nature. Look again at my plant, do you see the tiny, baby leaf? It just unfurled yesterday – its so small, dainty and cute.

Happiness can come in so many forms but being able to take pleasure from nature and looking at my Prayer Plant 🪴 makes me happy.

What little things make you happy?

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  1. My little thing is to conjure up a comment because I imagine if I can avoid my temptation to say something negative, and just say a tiny hello to you, that you will get a measure of enjoyment from a response. I like getting comments, although I rarely smile, but if I can imagine you smiling then it might make me smile. I usually make grander points that are often satirical or negative. But for here I wish you a smile.

    • Thank you Doug. I appreciate your taking the time to make us smile 😁

      Why would you want to say something negative? That doesn’t sound good for you either. I’m glad you decided to be friendly ☺️

  2. Very true. Happiness can be found in the little things around us. But, usually we tend to ignore such little sources of happiness and hence choose to be whining over things which are not in our control.

  3. I am quite enjoying watching the local squirrels- who have a nice supply of peanuts and seeds in their own bowl mind you, doing all sorts of calisthenics while hanging in the tree with the bird feeders. They are so determined to get to the feeder that has sunflower seeds in it. The younger ones haven’t figured out that they only have to step up on my porch and raid the bowl set aside just for them! Enjoy gazing on your lovely plant Brenda!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing my Happiness Project Brenda. I love your example. And isn’t it a joyful thing that we often take for granted. If it’s okay with you, I’m going to link back to your post next Tuesday on my next happiness prompt. Thank you for joining in the fun and with the happiness community. 💕🌸

  5. The Happiness Project sounds like a great idea. Prompts sound great. Little things that make me happy are spending time with my family and partner, my pets, stationery and my favourite tv shows. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Yes I see your plant, nice plant. Yes I see Jr leaf poking it’s head from under mama. Also noticed there is a 2nd shoot, if that’s what it’s called. That the older brother or sister maybe. I’m guessing you are very protective of your plant. The last time I heard someone name something precious. It was this little greenish bald fellow hunched over holding a ring he called precious. So my guess is you really like this plant. It is great when little things in life bring us happiness. For me I would have to say the fact for the last few days been waking up super early like 3-4 in the morning allowing me to have a more relaxed start to my mornings. Enjoyed your post. Have a great day

    • Glad you enjoyed the post. I’ve been struggling with insomnia, but so far this week, I’ve been refusing to stay up at 3 or 4, but I might need to, to break the cycle

      • I have found that if my mind/body feels awake, go with it. Besides if an hour later I start to feel drowsy, I go back to bed. After all just because you get up does not mean you can’t go back later. And most often I have better rest by not forcing it. Side bonus, you get to see the sun come up.

  7. I love your plant, Brenda! A prayer plant, I think? I also have some houseplants and seeing new life coming up always makes me so happy!

  8. My little Yorkshire makes me very happy.
    …and beers with friends as well 😀

    Have a nice day, Brenda!!

    • Assuming you mean a pet rather than the English County. But yes, I agree, pets with their unconditional love can bring so much happiness 😊

      • Hahaha! Yes, a pet. I couldn’t have pets as a child because I was allergic. Now that I am not, I play with every dog and cat I meet 😅

  9. Happiness mechanisms do present in many things don’t they? My daughter works in an indoor plant shop. She loves it. Must be a great ambience to work amongst them. I was shocked at the prices though! In the 1970s I can’t remember the plethora of larger yuccas, rubber plants, money plants, etc. costing a hundred pounds plus each. Cheers and all the best Brenda.

    • Thanks Gray. Hopefully the prices have fallen a little since then – or I’m just buying smaller plants 🪴

  10. I love what you’ve shared. 🪴

    I’ll read that blog of yours soon.

    About me, blogging and a good workout makes me happy.
    there are other things that makes me happy. 😌

    Keep smiling my dear friend

  11. One little thing that made me happy yesterday was getting over my initial dread for running in the morning, and actually being able to watch the sunrise as it happened. That’s when I realised I had so much more than most, starting with the ability to go out and watch the sunrise 😀

  12. Happiness is something that comes from inside. Being grateful for the little things we have, our achievements, people around us, staying away from negativity and activity that affect our mental health. Can propel us to be happy.
    I love your plant 🍀

    • I’m glad that it helped you feel good. I’m also pleased to say that my little plant has started producing flowers which I’ve never seen it do before, so I’m really happy too 🙂

  13. Thank you for your post. I too have found comfort in this particular passage Psalms 147:3 He heals the brokenhearted; He binds up their wounds.

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