To prompt or not to prompt?

After reading about the daily prompts WP have started putting into the editor on the web version, I thought I should check it out. For those of you who didn’t check (or couldn’t find) the prompt, today it read “are you more of a night or morning person?”

My initial reaction was that’s not very inspiring … I’m a night person – or rather, I’d say I’m not a morning person – so I’d say I’m neither. But once I’d answered the question, I didn’t feel I had anything else I’d want to say. Also, I couldn’t see that anyone would want to read. So I was then questioning whether I would want to work with prompts – it was then pointed out to me that maybe I need to give myself more time to think about the prompt. That maybe inspiration and ideas won’t come immediately I look at a prompt; I need to be more patient.

So now my thoughts are that maybe I need to give myself time to work with prompts; maybe I need to experiment and see if I can make them work for me, but be less impatient and wait to see what occurs.

I’m going to challenge myself to do some writing based on prompts but I’m not sure where to start so I’m asking my fellow bloggers who work with/on prompts regularly for some hints/tips/ guidance etc – all suggestions greatfully received.


  1. Hello Brenda. Or should I say good morning from sunny Australia 😊 I haven’t used prompts either. But since I was just thinking about this very topic on my morning (6:30 am) walk today, perhaps I’ll give it a go 😉😂

  2. It would be good to include the prompt in inclusion to another scenario. Those journals where there is a small guided phrase and you use inspiration to build it into your own story. For example. ‘Which do you feel lifts the spirits more? Rain after an elongated dry spell or sunshine after a St. Swithun’s 40 days wet spell?’ Past experiences of own instances can lead to some great reflections. If it has never happened in your past….imagination can attach imagery. How you would dance in the rain and pretend you’re Gene Kelly. Or daily dance to make the rain appear. Or lounge in the sunshine on the French Riviera. Flights of fancy I suppose. The extraordinary found in the most ordinary of thoughts.

  3. Night person. You might try writing a short vampire story. 😁

    Seriously, the prompts I enjoyed were the flash fiction prompts – imagination and learning lots of editing (some had to be under a given number of words).

  4. 🤔 Sorry, Brenda. You already know that I do not do prompts.

    However, every blogger has the freedom to participate in it if they want to.

  5. I think the prompts may help on days when the grey matter is stuck, Brenda. I have normally written my post by the time I come to the editor. I do think they could be a source for a bit of fun. I’m a morning person, nights are something I dream of, or on. (Look what you’ve started 😂)

  6. Hi Brenda, writing (or picture) prompts can be helpful when writers and bloggers don’t know what to write about. Over the years, I used many prompts and had great fun with them.

    My only advice about using prompts is not to write and publish something straight away. Why? Because many writers say that the first draft of anything is the worse draft (and it’s true). By all means, write something, but come back to it the next day and edit it. I guarantee that the second draft will be better.

    Sadly, too many bloggers make the mistake of responding to prompts within minutes of their publication, with most of what is published not being good.

    Remember that blogging is a marathon, not a sprint.

  7. Interesting read.
    These types of prompts are both encouraging and also intruding.
    It all depends on your willingness to take part.
    The more you answer these prompts, the more readers can know about you.
    I felt these prompts are for the beginners and I know that you have crossed the beginner stage.
    All the best Brenda.

  8. Thank you Philo. I do look at them but my feeling is some are quite simplistic but I guess if I’m coming up with my own ideas/prompts, I go with those which trigger some sort of reaction

  9. I’ve been following the Bloganuary prompts and I actually think they can benefit me. At least I can write something for myself through those prompts when I’m stuck. Have you started on prompts yet? If yes, how are you finding them?

    • I’ve written a couple in response to Sadje’s What do you see? Prompts. A couple of the WP daily ones caught my attention but I just wrote them down for later. I am basically just going with the ones which ‘speak to me’.

    • Thanks for reading and contributing. I don’t think I’ve responded to any because I’ve writer’s block; but simply because I’ve felt like I wanted to say something about them – but I guess we respond if and when we feel inclined. Its not something we have to do every time

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