Experimenting with WP Daily Prompts

Life is a little bit chaotic right now and I’m finding it challenging to set aside the time to blog. I don’t want my blog to be more or less silent for the next 4-6 weeks, so I need to do something. Recently I reflected in a post about new bloggers using WP prompts, finding now that this is going to be my solution too. I’m going to experiment with the daily WP prompts, but maybe not on a daily basis.  I’m just hoping that this will allow me to publish to my own set schedule of 4 times a week.

A blogging experiment with WP Daily Prompts

Prompts can be beneficial if we’re struggling for ideas, or when we’re starting out.  I’m going to experiment to find out if I can produce good quality posts that are relevant and continue to engage my audience. I will only be responding to prompts shared by WordPress for the next 4-6 weeks. 

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Today’s Daily Prompt

Its time to get started with the experiment and today’s prompt:

What’s your favorite time of day?

Thinking about writing, and finding the time to blog; that does shape what I consider to be my favourite time of day. Its that time when I have calm and quiet. Tranquility so I can reflect and write. When is that time? Or on reflection, is it a set time or simply the establishment of calm, tranquil surroundings that is important? 

On reading the prompt, my immediate reaction was early morning when the house is quiet; its also quiet outside. There is no traffic on the road, the neighbours are all sleeping. Living in the city, it can be quite noisy regularly. If I go beyond that, I would also say that it needs to be daylight, so summer rather than winter.

Its ironic that this favourite time is early morning as I’m not a morning person. I guess if I want to enjoy these peaceful moments, I need to work at being an early riser.

Do we need a favourite time for blogging?

I’ve seen posts across my year blogging discussing whether bloggers have a specific or favourite time for blogging. Thinking about that question, its certainly helpful to write when the environment is calm. Its helpful to have a tranquil space to work, but is that something we can create for ourselves?

It would be nice to think we can guarantee peace when we want to write, but in reality, how often does that work? We need to think about what we can do to create the best environment for us to work. For me that might be telling others that I’m working; playing music and if its really noisy outside and I have the windows open, using headphones. Of course, I could close the window, but I want to enjoy the fresh air. What else works for me is getting in the right mindset – reading a bit first, reviewing what I’ve been working on and making a cuppa. They all help me get ready for writing.

Questions for the community

Do you l a favourite time? What do you do during that time that makes it special? What about blogging? Do you have a special time, or special environment for writing for your blog?

If you’ve enjoyed this post, I’d encourage you to pop over to Wise & Shine where I dig a bit deeper into the arguments for and against using prompts as a source of inspiration.

I hope my decision to use blogging prompts encourages others to do the same.  Sign up for my blog so you’re kept up-to-date with my progress.


  1. I don’t have a favorite time but a favorite place that is my home office. I usually find time between one task and the other but I leave the posts in draft for the final editing that I do over weekends, usually late afternoon. Do you think it was an interesting experiment to conduct Brenda?

    • I think its too eearly to tell yet. I’ve only done one prompt. I guess time will tell if I am faced with something that doesn’t inspire me. I’ll maybe review it further down the line

  2. I use the daily prompt when I can relate to it. Sometimes blogging early morning is easier for me, when the world is still in slumber🥰

    • Thanks Arlene. I think I’m up and out so early when I’m on campus, that I like my long lies when I’m working from home. But I’m thinking I might need to experiment with forcing myself out of my bed

  3. My favorite time is also early morning

    Same reason

    No traffic, no noise, everyone’s sleeping, no disturbance. I love reading books at that time.

    Then I sleep at 10:30 pm, so I cannot say I like nighttime for anything else.

    My favorite time for blogging, probably a time with peace and less noise.

  4. For writing, I prefer mornings when I am more alert. Overall my favourite time is dinner time, especially if it’s not my turn to cook. This could explain why I have 2 pairs of jeans to go to Oxfam because I can no longer zip them up comfortably 🍟+🍕= -2👖!

  5. Good evening! I’m also really liking the daily prompts. Especially when the day at work has been hard and frustration sinks in – the mind goes completely blank with what to write about. I’ve heard a saying that writers should just write without thinking about what anyone would think about what is being written. If there is a type it can be fixed during the editing, but mainly the goal is to get in the zone. By the way, it really related to me when you mentioned finding the most peaceful time to write. For me it would be in the evenings after work when no one is demanding my attention. Have a great weekend!

    • Hi Victoria. The prompts are certainly a lifesaver when we’ve had a busy work day. I think its true about not thinking about your audience when you write. It’s the only way to really be authentic, and I think that’s what our readers and followers want.
      Back to the Monday/weekly grind. Hope you had a good weekend and have a not too busy week

  6. Mornings have always been my favorite time of the day. The anticipation as the sky starts to grow light, the birds erupt into song, and the day begins.Likewise, it’s my main time to write as well. I’ll jot down ideas and snippets of stories if they pop in during the day, but by the time I get home in the evening my brain says NO to anything requiring concentration….but when morning comes it’s usually raring to go! 💞

    • I love the way you describe mornings. I agree, listening to the first birds finding their voices is lovely. I’m glad they work for you for writing

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