Space rocket curiously arrives in Glasgow

It’s unusual for me to go ‘exploring’ on my way to work but a space rocket had arrived in Glasgow City Centre. Curiosities, Castles and Coffee Shops had to visit and mark the moment. I had planned to visit on Saturday but I was ill. I was very lucky, however, that my train station is right next to George Square, which was hosting the UK Space Agency and its rocket. What a perfect start to the day. Arrive 30 minutes early for my train and stop off first. It even stopped raining; it was meant to be!

photo by Brenda

Engaging Children

Maybe the rocket was calling to my inner child, but the small exhibition around the rocket was targetted at children. The UK Space Agency are encouraging interest in science, particularly for careers in space. They were promoting the full range of careers available, not just the astronauts and scientists, but also accountants, for example.

Regrettably I was so early that there were no staff to talk to, or leaflets to pick up. I was too early to capture the excitement of the children, and hopefully teenagers, who might be entranced by the rocket and dreams of space. Let’s hope the Agency are successful in promoting their careers.

Road Trip

The UK Space Agency have been on tour with their rocket. Glasgow was their penultimate stop. The next and final destination is Plymouth. I’m glad I got to chance to stop by before they zoomed off to their next appearance.


All that remains is for me to share my snaps.

I hope you enjoyed the brief visit to Glasgow with a touch of curiosity.

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  1. I’m chuckling a bit Brenda, looking at the older historic buildings in the background with a very modern rocket sitting there on the plaza. Major juxtaposition of old and new! I hope everyone enjoyed the opportunity to see this up close.

    • I agree about the contrast of old and new. I’m with you in hoping the rocket fuelled lots of interest and excitement

  2. Very interesting post , Brenda.
    Hats off to the space agency spreading the knowledge and thanks to you for your thoughts and those beautiful clicks.
    And the career opportunities are fantastic and plenty.
    Students can decide in advance.
    Thanks for enlightening us.
    Good morning from India.

  3. Ah… you made it to fit in a little adventure😁

    such a good idea/way to encourage interest in science. The children must have really enjoyed.
    Lovely share, Brenda.🤍

  4. Gosh…I agree! This was a detour that had to be made! I mean…how often…on the way to work???? Thanks, Brenda! 🥰

  5. How very cool. You cannot pass that opportunity up. I am glad the exibit was child centric. Honestly, science, physics, and math are not glamorous to most young people today. With their 1,5 second attention span.

    • Thanks Claire. I was really excited. I was so worried I’d miss the opportunity. Its next stop was too far away for me to get to

  6. Loved this Brenda. You always do find the amazing little treasures that appear unexpectedly. And give a great account in your write ups. I kept looking daily on the drop down list to see if you had uploaded. Wondered if you were okay. So…….Nice to see a new post. All the best.

    • Hi Gray. Sorry, I’ve been fighting a really bad tummy bug, but think I’m more or less back to normal now. Just very tired.
      Glad you enjoyed the rocket

      • I’m sorry you have been unwell. Good to know you are on the mend. Nothing worse than bugs that lay you out flat. Your system has taken a battering. No wonder you feel tired. Probiotic intake can maybe rebalance. Look after yourself and tread gently.

      • Its been running through the college. But yes, I’ve been being careful with my diet since I wasn’t eating much. I’ve lost about 10lbs

      • That is good that diet considerations are paramount in your mind. Dehydration and the possible imbalance of electrolytes to be considered. Weight will come back slowly. But you know all this. Keep smiling. I just read your latest blog. Your mind is still positive and active. That is a really good sign. 😊

  7. What an amazing start to the day! 💞💞💞 Sorry you couldn’t visit when planned and get the whole experience. Hope you’re feeling better now!

    • It was something I just new I had to go see when it was covered in the news. I would have kicked myself if I hadn’t at least visited the square and got my photographs

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