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The new skills learned from blogging

Have you thought about the skills that we learn as bloggers? I don’t mean those necessary for blogging as such, but other incidental skills we don’t think about. As I’ve blogged, I’ve enhanced my writing skills but other skills which have surprised me have also improved. So in this post I’m reflecting on the skills learned from blogging.

This post builds on some recent reflections. I’m not sure what triggered the reflections but possibly a couple of different things.  I’ve been reading a few posts, and listening to the most recent HotM podcast which talked about embracing new opportunities. Since then, I’ve been thinking about how blogging has changed me. I’ve picked up new skills and developed others, but there are some unexpected changes too.

Anticipated skills learned

In the time I’ve been blogging, I have learned and developed many skills. Some skills are easy to identify and anticipate: reflection and writing skills. I’ve also found my imagination has been strengthened, along with some creative writing ability. Unscientific, I know, but I believe that when I don’t write for a period of time, I have nightmares. What an encouragement to keep writing. 😆

person writing on a notebook
skills learned while blogging
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More awareness of my skills development

I guess I accept being aware of what I’m writing, my choice of words etc and the message I want to get across while I’m writing creatively. As I sit here I realise how how naive it probably was to not realise that my writing style is going to change on a more universal basis – whether I’m writing an email, a text message etc or some materials for work. Today I was working on a lesson plan and even with one line, I rewote it 4 times until I was satifsfied I had the best words to capture my intent.

Should we pity my poor students (particularly those learning English as a second language) where I may also become more critical of their work.

Open to new learning experiences

Its human nature to like and dislike a range of different things. What has occurred to me recently is that through my travel/exploration posts, I’m seeking out opportunities to explore and share things that I believe would make interesting posts, even if they don’t interest me personally.

For example, on Saturday I saw something on the news/TV about The World Pipe Band Championships 2023 in Glasgow. I hate bapipes but was thinking it would be a great spectacle for a post. The realisation that I’d suffer the noise to capture a good story surprised me.

There are a few other examples too. I think this shows that I’m willing to explore and try new things, even seeing opportunities in things I’ve previously dismissed.

What have I learned?

I’m embracing these insights and opening my mind to new opportunities. Maybe I should be more proactive and seek out a new experience every week.

What about you, my lovely community members, what has blogging taught you? Have any aspects surprised you? Let me know via the comments.


  1. I love your honesty about nightmares if you don’t write…I get that. I feel incomplete, as if something’s missing that I can’t quite put my finger on, if I’m not writing regularly. Thank you for this post, Brenda — it’s a great way to start a new week. (And I love your support of the Heart of the Matter blog and podcast – grateful to you for your friendship!) 🥰

    • Thanks Vicki. I was meaning actual middle of the night nightmares, but I do agree it can feel as though something is missing when I don’t write.

    • I loved the nightmare part too. I think I’ve learned that writing helps me to process life on a more thoughtful and deeper basis. Thanks for this post that gets me to reflect on all that and thanks for the shout out. We appreciate you, Brenda!

      • I think reflective practice is always a good thing, so I’m happy to encourage you, my friend Bx

  2. Interesting post Brenda! I learned to solve technical issues related to my page by my own as sometimes the Happiness Engineers don’t understand my needs. Of course it takes me more time but it is also more rewarding!

    • Definitely. Learning how to manage our blog site and resolve issues can be very rewarding. There are still many things I need to learn.

  3. Blogging has definitely helped me become open to new challenges. I think I’m even more open to writing about topics I probably wouldn’t have even touched in the past. Good to be open to new experiences!

    • I agree about taking that step into writing on new topics. Just need to learn how to cope with the doubts after hitting publish 😆

      • Lol. I feel that publishing on another site makes it even worse. I know when I post to Wise & Shine I worry more that what I’m posting will fit, that it might cause friction/tension, much more than posting on Curiosities

      • Oh yes, that’s a great point Brenda. Just ask Wynne and Vicki. I’m much more needy about pieces I post on their site than my own. Explain that to me? Ugh. I like to think it means I care about others. It’s so funny.

  4. Blogging has taught me how how to blend creative energy with the more technical, back of house stuff. And that both aspects are equally worthwhile!

  5. Brenda, I read your post and thought to myself, wow that me! I write emails and edit them 3 or 4 times before I press send. Blogging has significantly expanded my reading interests as well as the topics I choose to write about.

    • I’m glad you found the post interesting and could relate. I agree, blogging does open us up to new interests.

  6. Not only has blogging helped me become a better writer, but It has also opened my eyes to the world of what goes on behind the scenes at WordPress. So many people blame WordPress for many things which they themselves are to blame for when they don’t understand how certain things work or don’t read or watch tutorials. Blogging has helped me help other bloggers who find themselves stuck with the different levels of blogging. And at the end of every day, if I know I’ve helped at least one person, I sleep better.

  7. Blogging and reading other’s blogs has really stretched my own skills. I’ve pushed myself to enter challenges, joined in on prompts including an intriguing Pass the Baton challenge, and generally pushed myself past my comfort zone with my writing in general. I find the more regular I commit and practice my writing, the more confident and comfortable I get….plus it keeps my creative side alive and ‘well fed’.

    • Thanks Dawn. I’m afraid I’m failing at the regular writing and feeding my creative side. Start of term has me exhausted lol

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