Made it – wrist recovery is almost complete

What foods would you like to make?

I had planned to share my photo … share my excitement that my wrist is strong enough to bake; my achievement and then saw this WP prompt – talk about perfect timing.

Since breaking my wrist back at the beginning of June, I’ve not been able to hold or carry anything heavy and preparing/chopping vegetables etc was, well, shall I say interesting. So, to be able to cook something from scratch and to be able to lift and carry the stoneware dish in both hands today feels like a major achievement. I love cooking, and generally, we have home cooked meals regularly, so relying on convenience meals for the past couple of months has been challenging.

Yum … anyone want to join me?

I guess, thinking of the prompt focus, I like cooking most things. I can’t make scones. They turn out like crunchy biscuits. Today, I made a pasta bake – simple: pasta, pasta sauce (tomato and marscapone), a mix of fresh tomatoes, and onion. It is topped with a little mozzarella and black pepper. It worked out at 420 calories per portion and was very filling. I’m going to have more for dinner. Does anyone wish to join me?

As I say, I was more excited at being able to cook again – finally. Its good to be back in the kitchen 😁


  1. Sounds like a kind of culinary physio! How great that you have recovered well enough to carry on doing something that you love.

    • Yes, I agree. Thanks Kevin. Hadn’t thought about it as physio, but I do need to build back up the muscles

  2. your healing process has taken a while and I’m so glad you “made it” 🤗
    cooking up a storm 😋looks yummy 🤍

    • I’d read the wrist bone I broke can take 12 weeks to recover, so im actually doing OK at 8-9 weeks. I guess it’s also an indicator of age; it takes longer to recover/repair.

      I also got a letter through from the NHS. Because I’m over 50 they want to do a bone density scan to see if I’m at risk of more broken bones. Way to go, telling me I’m getting old 😬

  3. “I like cooking most things” — some plants lives are in danger.🙃

    Does anyone wish to join me?
    – Yes…yes… I’m joining.

    Congratulations for the recovery!
    Best wishes.✨✨

  4. Awesome blog post Brenda my friend. I am glad that your wrist is healing and getting better.

    That meal looks succulent and I pray that you keep baking and blogging. Take care♥👏👏

  5. that looks delissshhh…Hi Brenda…just here inviting to join Beehighve-The Blogging Colony. I built a blogging registry so trying to get a few folks to hopefully join in and your blog is really catchy! Spread the word! Thanks.

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