An Introduction to Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

Looking at the floor plan to the museum, I realised that there was no way I would be able to explore everything in one – or even 2 days. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is going to keep me busy for a very long time. I’ll try to not bore you to death with everything on display. Even looking at the small amount of exhibits I covered on my visit, I came home with 222 photographs – don’t worry, they’re not all going to appear in this post. What I do wish to do, however, is give you a feel for the diversity encompassed by the museum.

This is mainly going to be a photo post.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
Robert Louis Stevenson
These ‘dishes’ are from this century. Grayson Perry won the Turner Prize in 2003 for the larger pot
Motherless by George Lawson
Fallen Angel, by Rodin
Just saw this as I passed an open door

Mini Museum for Under 5s; but this caught my attention too
The first time I saw this spitfire, I was shocked that they could get a plane in the museum, then surprised at how small it is. My lasting memory of Kelvingrove
The most famous exhibit in the museum. Salvador Dali’s Christ of St John of the Cross

And lastly, a curiosity … the lamposts outside the museum bear the Crest of Glasgow … showing the tree, a fish, a bell and a bird. The buildings in the background are typical Glasgow tenement flats. In another part of the city, but I live in a tenement flat.C

I’ve written a post on Wise & Shine about why I couldn’t take any photographs of the natural history animal exhibits. Please pop over there and have a look. I think its important to be aware of how the exhibits in museums are obtained.

I’m 100% sure I’ll be back at the museum to explore some more, so sign up to my blog to join me on those and other adventures and exploring curiosities.


  1. I only have 3 days in Edinburgh this fall (on tour). Is this a museum you would recommend? over others? I am interested more in painting than sculpture, although the stained glass window looks incredible. thanks

  2. What a lovely place you visited, Bx
    The statues look so real!!


    Love it,

    Thanks for this experience.

    Sending some love and lots of positive vibes,

  3. How interesting – the Glasgow Crest. Thanks for linking to more info. Love all of that! And of course, your photos are lovely – just like the giggle at the beginning: “I came home with 222 photographs – don’t worry, they’re not all going to appear in this post.” Funny! 😉

  4. What an amazing place! Great photos. There’s a Spitfire dangling from the ceiling of the Imperial War Museum in London and I agree, it’s tiny. The bravery of those men to fly them into combat…

    • Thanks for reading Jessica. I’m glad you enjoyed it. There is more information about the squadron the plane came from, so I suspect I’ll cover it in more detail in a future post. But yes, it must have been quite scary to be inside such a small space.

  5. wow… they are all so beautiful, Brenda.
    I especially like “Motherless by George Lawson”

    a wonderful share🤍

  6. So many diverse things here Brenda, plus the building itself. I think I would need to make many trips through and around this site to really take everything in!

  7. Beautiful visit, thanks for taking us along! The Motherless statue tugged at my heart…but the Heads were creepy….. 💞💞💞

  8. Visiting the Kelvingrove was a highlight
    of our Scottish trek. That, and getting
    lost in Edinburgh, getting lost on the
    way to Balmoral Castle, getting lost on
    the North Coast Route 500, getting lost
    on the Isle of Skye, getting lost on … 😎

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