When a visit to the Museum inspires with a challenge

Hello fellow bloggers, something different from me today. I’m at an Art Gallery, and have a prompt to tease you with.

It must be truly inspirational when I come away from Kelvingrave Art Gallery and Museum with a prompt challenge for everyone. I don’t intend to make this a regular occurrence, but im not going to say I’ll never do another prompt. So what was so special that got my attention? A sculpture where the artist indicated he wanted us to form our own ideas. So, I’m opening up the challenge to you … what does his sculpture say to you?

Photo by Brenda Harrison
Photo by Brenda Harrison

I’m not used to hosting a prompt, but might as well give it a go. I’m giving free rein in terms of what to produce, but I am looking forward to seeing the delights you come up with. Please provide a pingback to my post and I’ll share a follow-up with everyone’s work on 24th July, so if you can get your responses/ideas to me by 1800hrs BST on Sunday 23rd July.

Just in case you need more encouragement, here’s a virtual coffee and fruit scone.

Photo by Brenda Harrison

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  1. Looked like a dog but then more like a lion? Since the sculptor has left it our imagination I would call it a big puppy 😊.

  2. I think I would need to walk around the sculpture fully – many, many times actually, before my brain kicked in enough to name it and why. Interesting that he titled it “Tiptoe”. Could that be a clue to his intent given his view that the piece needs no explanation?

    • It was cordoned off, Deb. So im afraid that wasn’t possible, or I’d have taken more images. And I guess, since I’ve challenged others, I need to do something too … but I do have a couple of ideas

      • Oh I understand completely not being able to get more photos- which actually, both had I been there in person but also just considering it now, is sort of frustrating when you have an artist and a presentation that highlights “no need for explanation” and then you are limited in your ability to actually see the piece and make your own conclusions 🙂

  3. Nice blog post Brenda. I think I lost the meaning of this blog because I got distracted with the coffee and buns placed on that table visible in this blog. Also, it seems you had a great time at the museum, that’s nice and I haven’t been in a museum every in my life but one day is one day right?🔥

  4. intriguing, Brenda.

    all that came to my mind was the word…. “balance” 🙃
    lol, I know it sounds weird😂

    glad you enjoyed this adventure 😉

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