Wrist update

Thank you to everyone who has been sending wishes after my accident. It has been really appreciated and than you to those who have reached out to keep in touch and check I am OK. I finally gave in, listening to concerned friends, and went to the doctor’s, so this is an update.

As a recap, 4 weeks ago, I went out for a nice, calming, relaxing walk after work to clear my head. There is a park 5-10 mins walk from my home, so I visited the park. I was looking around, enjoying the views. The birdsong was beautiful 😍 so I was looking up, searching the trees for a peek at the owners of these lovely voices … and fell off the edge of the pavement.

What I thought was a bad sprain, possibly pulled muscles etc, it turns out I’ve fractured a bone in my wrist. I’m not sure how long it’s going to take my wrist to recover. My doctor is now referring me to the fracture clinic but they’ll hopefully leave my wrist to repair itself.

Meantime, my wrist is in a splint and I’m trying very hard not to use my left hand – fortunately I’m right handed, but that doesn’t help with typing. I’m glad I’ve decided to experiment with voice dictation … or I need an assistant 😁

Thank you again, everyone for your positive messages ❤️‍🩹


  1. Oh I’m so sorry Brenda about the fall. I was missing you and should’ve checked up on you. I hope the wrist mends well and in a timely fashion. Hugs.

  2. Thank you so much for the update. I’m glad you are letting it rest and love that you are experimenting with voice dictation! Sending good wishes!

      • I am so excited… 😁
        all boxes ticked… everything neatly in place… just to hand in that classroom key and I’m home freeee💃😂 a good 3 week break😉

        and your side?

      • 3 weeks? That’s not long. I’ve a couple of things to finish off tomorrow. I’ve pushed back some marking to rest my rest… but im off 6 weeks

      • Our 6 weeks comes in December. Mid year is 3 weeks… but it is welcome. been a crazy term. Didn’t help that I went back this current term after year off 🥴🙈
        looking forward to the break to spend with my girls.

        I suspect you be needing that 6 weeks to rest, Brenda. Your wrist sounds in painful state.

  3. Oh Brenda! So glad you decided to have it checked. At least now you have an answer and knowledge is a good thing, in moving forward. Now you must never stop looking up to the sky but ALWAYS look down before moving your feet 🙂

  4. So glad to see an update from you…although I’m so sorry for all that you’re enduring. I bet you’ll become a pro at the dictation…maybe you’ll never want to type a blog in the ‘old school’ way, ever again! Keep the updates coming…think of you often and I’m sending hugs, always, for a speedy recovery. xo! 🥰

  5. As my mom would say, “it could always be worse.” I am glad it was not. Hugs for a quick recovery, enjoy the summer holiday as best you can.

  6. Sorry to hear about the fractured wrist, Brenda. Allow the body to heal itself. Don’t try and force it to heal. I read in the comments that you’re on summer holidays now. Enjoy the time off.

  7. Hopefully the splint will prevent you from using your left wrist for a while and then the healing process can begin. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  8. I do hope it will heal by itself without any major medical intervention. Good you did go to the doc though Brenda.
    I can be your secretary if you’d like to dictate. Though I’m sure the automated dictation will do a better job. 😆
    Wishing you a speedy healing.

  9. Hi Brenda,
    The way you narrated – how this incident took place, is relatable. Things like this usually happens if you’re not enough aware.
    But why should we blame the cause? Instead we should focus on ‘the cure’.
    You need rest and some positive thoughts.
    Take care of yourself. And we’ll be again seeing you doing ‘blogging like a pro’.
    Best wishes. 💪✨✨

    • Thank you Lokesh. Already have tomorrow’s post drafted. Getting back into my blogging routine, even if it’s without my hand/wrist 😁

  10. Well dang, four weeks is a long time to still be injured. Hope all turns out well. I broke my hand (metacarpals) before, so I can totally relate to this type of injury. Wishing you all the best!

    • Thanks Stuart. I’ve never broken anything before, so it’s definitely a new experience. I’m just waiting for an appointment with the fracture clinic but I’m ready for my hand to be better now … its interfering with my life 😆

  11. I hope the fracture clinic gets you in soon and has good news for you! Is the splint giving you some relief, even if it is annoying?

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