Image shows Edinburgh Castle

I’m back with a letter to the Community

Image shows Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle

Well my little break too longer than expected. My arm and hand are still sore but I am missing blogging so much that I just knew that I had to find a way to return sooner. So here I am! 😁 Through work I have been experimenting with voice dictation and have decided to give it a go for blogging. This is my first attempt. Let’s hope it works and that you’ll see my posts regularly.

Now to come to the title of this post … you already know how much I love writing letters and I was thinking what better way to share all my news with so many people at the same time than by writing a letter in blog format. My hope is to write to my community of followers on a monthly basis.

I have been thinking about doing this for a little while; writing a letter at the beginning of each month as a kind of review of what I’ve been up to in the previous month and a highlight of what’s to come in the month ahead. Obviously, this is not the beginning of June, so let’s take this as an introduction, and I’ll start properly at the beginning of July. That said, I’m in Edinburgh for the weekend. I’m sure that I’ll get up to lots of exciting things. But I can’t guarantee that it will include the castle this time. I don’t have many photographs yet but here’s a couple for you from my hotel room. As a special treat, one of those photographs is of Edinburgh Castle. I hope you like it! Don’t worry, I will visit the castle in the future, Edinburgh is less than an hour by train from Glasgow

I’m really excited to be writing again, and hopefully using the voice dictation software means I’m back permanently. I look forward to chatting with everyone, and to receiving your “letters” in the comments section. 😆 I’ve really missed chatting with everyone. ❤️

And please don’t worry, I am doing my best to look after my arm/hand/wrist. In fact I plan to contact my GP when I get home, just to be on the safe side.

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  1. 🙂 Well, Brenda, welcome back.

    I thought that you would have used voice dictation software sooner.

    I hope that your arm and hand are healing nicely.

    • Thank you very much, Renard. My arm and hand are still giving me problems. I am going to go to the doctor’s on Tuesday for check up.
      Using the voice dictation software, I have been dabbling with it, but it’s not just about using the software. I can’t hold my phone in my hand, so that has been a problem too.

    • Welcome back from me as well! I love letters, too. Where are the days where most of what was received in mail were letters written by other humans instead of the auto-generated stuff?

  2. I miss receiving letters especially in the mail. I remember as a kid one of my first presents was a pen, and stationary. What a lost art. An email is just not the same.

    I am glad that you are back on the blogging. I am a teacher and was going to suggest voice to text. I just did not want to overstep.

    Speedy recovery!🖖✌️🙏

    • Thank you. I’ve had to try and use it myself for work but it’s not operational on all the different forms that I have to use to provide feedback, but I am working with it and I’m getting more familiar with it for just talking into my phone.

  3. So good to receive your letter! You have been missed and I’m sorry to read that you still aren’t fully recovered. That was some injury. Great to see you out and about though- as well as the pictures. That castle complex is expansive and I do look forward to a tour some day 🙂 Take care Brenda!

    • Oh thank you Cristiana. I feel there are so many different things to do in Edinburgh the problem is deciding what to do with only 3 days.

  4. So nice to receive an update on your recuperation…along with beautiful travel photos as a bonus! Thank you, Brenda. Take care! 🥰

  5. Glad to see you back

    Interestingly today is also the day when another amazing and extremely talented blogger made a return. Wah what a coincidence 🙏🏼

  6. Hi Brenda,
    I am feeling amazing and joyful by reading your words. Because you have found, a solution, a way, to continue blogging, anyway.
    It seems you have a strong will power. And you know – after deciding – how to make things happen.
    “Voice Typing” is an interesting technology. You must try, or do experiments with it, to make it your own.
    You can little research about the ‘popular tools’ available for voice typing. Or read other users ‘reviews’.
    But please don’t force yourself to do too much. Once you’re fine, you can work as usual.
    We wish you a speedy and better recovery.
    Stay positive and hopeful.😇✨
    Stay strong.💪

    • Hello lokesh, I feel honoured by your lovely and encouraging words. It is good to be back and I’m sure I will find ways to work around the problems I have with my hand

  7. Hi Brenda,
    I’ve been away on holiday and hadn’t been reading posts. ( let’s pretend I wasn’t home to receive letters) 😀Somewhere along along the way I missed your broken arm, wrist, and hand incident. Sorry.
    The pictures you sent me look great and I look forward to your letters about your fun times.
    Send me a postcard or two, Kevin.

    • Hi Kevin it was lovely to hear from you. I didn’t break my wrist, arm, elbow … But we are now looking at the possibility of torn of torn ligaments or tendons. I will be going to the doctor’s on Tuesday when I return from Edinburgh

      • Oh my Brenda, do take all the recommended time for heeling. Speech to text sounds like the way to go.

  8. Love seeing you back and “writing” again – no matter how the words get on the page. Beautiful pictures and I hope you enjoy your travels this weekend!

  9. Great to have you back Brenda! I praise God for a speedy and complete recovery for you. I’m also thankful for the technology that allows you to stay connected. Many blessings to you my friend – I look forward to your “letters”. 😄

    • Thank you Alegria. It’s good to be back. I’m looking forward to creating/writing again, and to catching up with everyone’s posts too

      • My arm/wrist/hand hasn’t been operated on. Today will be my first time consulting the doctor. I thought it wasjust a bad sprain, so didn’t bother, but 4 weeks down the road and I’m still in pain.

      • Thank you, Brenda for this update.
        I was wondering whether you underwent surgery.
        Glad it’s only ligament tear.
        It’s said that for such type of injuries 6 wks are essential for total healing.
        Wishing you a superfast healing.

      • So much for my optimism. I saw my gp today, and have had my wrist x-rayed. I’ve broken a bone in my wrist. I need to see/ talk to my gp again tomorrow. I’ll probably post an update after that

      • Thank you, Brenda for keeping me updated.
        It was shocking to know about the fracture part.
        How was this missed earlier?
        First thing a doctor’s advice in your situation is to have an x-ray (to identify any fracture or crack) and even ultrasound study (for ligament tear).
        Neither of these investigations done earlier?
        Am I missing something?
        I am wondering.
        Keep us updated Brenda.

      • Not missing anything Philo. I didnt see anyone earlier as I thought it was just a sprain

  10. You’ve got mail! Love this idea, Brenda and glad to have you back! Hope voice text is kind to you…it can do some wonky things when left unchecked! I hope that bone knits together quickly for you! 💞💞💞

    • Thanks Dawn. I’ve given up on voice to text … it was taking so much time. I’m now using handwriting on my tablet which seems faster and more accurate.

      I’m still waiting for an appointment at the fracture clinic and still struggling quite a bit sometimes

      • Oh man…how frustrating! I’m sorry this is such a rough road for you.🫂💞

      • Thanks Dawn. I’m trying not to get frustrated and looking for ways to adapt/work around really working with one hand. I’ve been buying new shoes that are easy to fasten which is helping

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