Shared Post: This Is Why My Blog Is Dying

Oh wow, another week’s passed, and I’m once again writing my weekly post at the last possible minute. If I’m honest, this workflow hasn’t been the best for my blog growth. What I’ve worked hard these past few years is now dwindling, and I find myself not having a choice but to just deal with […]

This Is Why My Blog Is Dying

Despite the heading, Stuart gives us some great insights into successful blog management- and his post is a good follow up to my earlier new blogger post, full of useful hints for everyone. And hang in there Stuart

Enjoy Stuart’s post 😁


  1. Stuart is a great source of blogging information, and just has such a nice guy vibe and style. A type of person I don’t know personally, but would totally want to have a coffee with and talk about things that aren’t writing or blogging.

  2. I think that networking is important but also agree with Robin. Do we always need to focus on growth? I am new to his posts and hope he continues.

      • I started blogging and actually thought I would hate it. I did not hate it in fact it feels like a community. People are
        So supportive. I hope I am just as supportive.

      • I think we get back what we put in. And when people are supportive, it’s easier to give back too. I agree, the community adds a big positive to blogging. I enjoy the writing, but I think the encouragement fires you on, and more writing is produced. I hope that makes sense

      • Yes it does. I think sometimes we are also more supportive than other times. It also has to do with what is going on in our own lives. There is nothing wrong with taking a break.

    • I guess we don’t like to see our stats falling, but I would only really worry if I couldn’t explain. A bit like Stuart, I know my numbers are down a bit, but im so busy now until the end of term that I’m posting less and don’t have as much free time for the next few weeks.

  3. Brenda, I appreciate you sharing Stuart’s post. It’s the first time I’ve had a chance to read anything from him. This community really is great.

  4. Thanks for the link. I’m not familiar with Stuart, but reading his post made me wistful. I left an encouraging comment, but have seen so many bloggers come and go over the years that I know ultimately people leave when they feel they must. It’s an inside job, and no amount of outside support changes things.

  5. Thanks for posting Stuart’s post, Brenda. I read it yesterday when he shared and thought his message was so very worthy. I also love what Ally shared about figuring it out…each of us…from the inside out. 💕

    • Thanks Vicki. Yes, it was definitely worth sharing. He had such a good message for everyone, that helps many. But hopefully it also gives him a bit of a boost too. I think he can be very hard on himself (I guess we all can be).

  6. Hey Brenda,

    Thanks for sharing Stuart’s post, I hope his blog doesn’t vanish into thin air but ventures forth. He is one talented and natural Blogger 💯🙏

  7. I love the topic

    Mr Stuart
    Has highlighted some great points.

    Blogging has changed a lot.

    I feel it’s changing due to several things
    Lack of passion – people blog when they feel like to, they share their personal Stories momentarily. It they are having a bad time, they blog, then they drop it completely.

    Lack of originality – I feel there are very few people who are doing something new and interesting. Rest are all copying. I know a person, who’s practically copying other bloggers.

    Expecting too much- there are people who expect too much, they then invest very little towards it and when they don’t get results, they drop it

    And yes lack of interaction- I know people who interact very less and they drop likes as if they are doing favor 😤

    Blogging requires passion, efforts and a freshness. People need to enjoy it.

    • Hey Devang, thanks for sharing your detailed thoughts. You make some really valid points. Passion, efforts and freshness … spot on 😁

      • Look if you don’t have passion
        and have temporary interest, you will stop it after few months.

        You need to give consistent efforts, and you need to be unique. If you are giving people something special, they will stick forever.

      • Thats true. There needs to be a passion to keep us going. Even more so with the development with AI, we need to offer something different

      • It’s ok 😁

        I’m in a lot of pain. I fell yesterday and have strained my left arm from above my elbow down to my hand

  8. Whoa, what an honour to see this share, Brenda! And I love your community (we mostly have the same WordPress friends), plus I appreciate the conversations going on here. Feeling so loved!

  9. without intending to be rude… not asking either 😁
    just dropping a hug so you know your chirpy self is being missed🤗🌹🤍

  10. Dear Brenda. Less traffic in the warm days of Spring and Summer. I am glad. We need to wander to the lakes and the parks. Good afternoon from Michigan.

  11. Fantastic share, thank you! He has some truly great points….I find that by interacting with others, it forms more of a connection…and I am more likely to follow and engage with them, the way we support and uplift our friends! 💞

  12. Interesting post. I agree, blogging has changed, it started during COVID. I think people didn’t have anything interesting to write, so took a break and many didn’t come back. I notice new bloggers, so let’s see how blogging evolves.

    • Thanks for sharing your perspective. I have the feeling blogging is dynamic … people come and go. I’m (before I fell and have been out of action) trying to encourage and support new bloggers

      • That’s nice of you. I try to support them if what they write about is interesting to me. There are only so many hours in the day, I work, and so need to use my extra time wisely. If someone writes a blog with LONG LONG paragraphs, I immediately move on. I learned long ago that blogs should be between 300-500 words to keep people’s attention. It’s a challenge to write with fewer words, but worth it… I think. THEN I can read 2-3 different blogs if that’s the case versus just one other blog. My opinion, of course.

      • Oh, I’m doomed then as most of my blogs are longer 🙃 . But I do agree about structure and good writing skills.

      • Mine used to be LONG too. Then I did some research on word count for blogs, this has to do with companies that blog too. Imagine if companies had LONG blogs, we just wouldn’t read them. It took REAL effort to get my word count down to 300-500. It was a FUN challenge, I had to determine if I really needed all of those extra words. Most of the time, the answer was “No.”. Try it once. Write it, let it sit, go back, re-read and you’ll see words, phrases that just aren’t needed. Takes practice.

      • I’ll give it a go, but I think it will depend on the type of blog I’m writing. Some, yes it might be good to make them shorter, however I also publish academic posts and either I need to make many shorter posts or they have to be longer.

      • It’s your Blog, you decide. I’m talking from my perspective, my attention span and what I am able to read, for me reading someone’s blog is for enjoyment. There are only so many hours in the day to do many things. My gosh, if we go on Twitter and Facebook, then Blogging… it takes a lot of time. :). So, happy Blogging!

      • Oh.. meant to say, I’m not an expert, I just know how much I’m willing to read each day… along with work and ALL the other things I want to do like “exercise.” LOL

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