Story in response to Sadje’s #WDYS185 prompt

You know the feeling, you are visiting somewhere and there is a sign on the door blocking admittance, you can go no further. How would you feel if you were suddenly given the key? 

Dochas stands in front of the solid wooden doors that for the past 20 years were always blocked. Today is the day these doors are finally going to open for her, she is going to open them. She is excited about gaining access to the rest of the building; but at the same time she’s a bit apprehensive; what will the future hold and is she ready to take on her responsibilities.

Today is Dochas is coming of age, on her 20th birthday, and the doors are the gateway to her future. To some extent she wishes she could just be going shopping with her friends, party with them and maybe have some cake. Its the first time she has not been able to act on her whims, learning the meaning of “duty calls”.

Dochas is not like other young women. She is special. From birth everything has been focused on preparing for today but what if she’s not ready? So many expectations, its a lot to live up to. Too much, maybe. She’s moving from childhood – living a protected life just thinking about herself and doing what she wants – now she’s moving, being pulled through those doors to her future, leaving her former life behind. Moving forward, she becomes responsible for everyone. Time only moves forward and as much as she might resist, her path is already set and she must make the transition.

Standing in front of the doors now, she knows she has no choice but to go through and embrace her future. Go through the doors where everyone is waiting for her. 

She hesitates, she looks back, to where she’s come from, to her past. Reaching back in time to the child she was, she remembers all the fun and games, the freedom, the innocence; the learning, the preparation. The significance she holds for her people. She is their future. This is her destiny. She has been preparing for today all of her life. She knows that once she goes through those doors everything will change. She wonders if she is ready, but she hears her mother’s voice “you have been well prepared for this, you will be accepted, you are fulfilling the prophecy, our people will accept you. You are ready!”

Dochas closes her eyes and takes a deep breath and pushes to doors open, goes through and enters the Cabinet Room as Queen ready to meet her people.

The above is a character from story I’m considering, so I’d appreciate some feedback. It seemed to fit in with Sadje’s prompt – so thanks for the inspiration/incentive Sadje 😘


    • Thanks Sadje, it is a story I’ve been trying to work with but couldn’t see how to develop my character. Your prompt was just what I needed. Hopefully I can work from here. Thank you 😊 💓

  1. Sounds exciting, Brenda.
    Locked doors and now the key, what adventures await… we want to see 😁

    Hope you feeling better 🤍🤗

  2. I love the build up in this piece….you can feel the anticipation and preparation from the start and it grows from there! Dochas sounds like an intriguing character! 💞💞💞

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