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Introductions over Coffee

As I’ve indicated in previous posts, I am looking for ways to support new bloggers and today I’m launching Introductions over Coffee where I hope to present a new blogger each week and some hints and tips for newbie bloggers.

I hope that our WP Community will support our newer members and that our newbies will support each other too.

This week I want to introduce The Bodhi Buddha

This is a young blogger with a good writing style. His work is well structured and thought out. He presents his arguments convincingly. Two of his posts I enjoyed are:



Good luck with your blog, Bodhi. Keep writing.

Beginner’s Tips – Comments

Communicating through the comments sections is really important. There are a couple of things to consider which will help you to build better relationships and attract more people to view your blog too. I have some tips for comments on your own blog posts and others’ blog sites.

Your own blog

If you want to keep people on your site, and to follow you, it’s important to allow comments on your site (although you can vet them to filter out spam). You should respond to comments put on the comments section of your post. If I put comments that are regularly ignored I stop leaving comments and will usually unfollow. To me, it seems rude to not respond when someone has read your post and left you a message. Just be careful to check spam regularly as sometimes proper messages go there by mistake.

It is possible to turn off the comments and likes options. However, you will get less engagement and fewer followers.

Other blogs

You should take the time to read posts that interest you and leave meaningful comments for the blogger. You should say what you liked about the post, why you liked it, plus any other ideas that occur to you. The more we can do this, the more other bloggers engage with us and may visit our sites and if they like our work they will follow us.

Please don’t ever just go to another person’s blog begging them to visit, like or follow you. Please also refrain from sharing your blog’s url. The majority of experienced bloggers will put your messages in spam or just ignore them. Personally, I delete them.

It takes time to build up a following, but communicating with other bloggers regularly is one of the best ways of doing this. Beyond that, I would say keep focused on doing what you enjoy and have fun blogging.

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  1. Well great!!!

    WordPress or any other platform works this way.
    If you care about others content, others will care too

    However, It’s hard to find people who will give similar energy as you are giving.
    In such case, I can share what I look for.

    I generally, see if the writer have good interaction on their comment section. If they do, then they will welcome you and will eventually come to you. If they don’t, well, save your time.

    A great share Brend Ma’am

  2. I would also say that while I’m hoping to highlight a new blogger every week, I will be looking for quality writers/bloggers and if I don’t find someone on a particular week, I will simply post newbie tips

    • I’ve had a look at your posts. I think if you developed your thinking a little more in your posts so people feel they can add something through the comments.
      But as I said, keep reading and commenting on other blogs. It takes time, for some a lot of time, but you will get there. In the beginning you will spend more time reading and commenting on others’ blogs, but that’s how you build up your own network

  3. Great advice Brenda! I cannot tell you how much I agree with the concept of not asking/pleading with other bloggers to follow your own blog, or other rather pushy requests. That behavior is a sure way not to get followers!

    It’s great of you to highlight new blogs as well and to encourage their writing 🙂

  4. Well done Brenda – I’m sure your kind gesture will mean a great deal for those starting out in the community. I enjoyed Bodhi’s blogs. Thanks for sharing 🙂🙏

  5. Just like in life, building relationships is all about the time and effort we put in. You’re absolutely right Brenda, engaging with those who visit our blogs and reciprocating is a great way to build a community. And it’s also a lot of fun. There is so much to learn from so many people on this platform. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Hi Brenda, since I like both coffee and castles I was suddenly drawn to your blog. Although I have blogged before I’m new to blogging on historical visualisation which is what I have begun since retiring. I have to admit I am not very good yet but I’m sure your tips will be invaluable.

    • Hi David. Nice to meet you. My blog is a mix of all sorts. I’d love to be retired so I can go visit more historic sites and hang out in coffee shops, but meantime I guess I need to keep working. As well as the history and dining experiences, I also write about study skills and occasionally the world of world. Also starting to dabble in some creative writing

      It’s a good community here on wp

  7. Love this feature, Brenda, what a wonderful idea! However I’m already struggling to keep up with all the blogs I currently follow…..I think I’m going to be in even deeper trouble soon! The advice for new bloggers is invaluable….I wish I’d have known some of it in the beginning of mine…but its never too late to change! 💞💞💞

    • Thanks Dawn. I agree, it’s difficult to keep up with those I’m following, but I know not everyone publishes every day. I think, as we gain experience and insight, we become more selective

      I also think there’s so much to take in, that we are always learning, looking to improve and then getting used to any changes WP introduce.

      • I’ll be posting later, but just hit 500 followers today … so thank you for being part of the journey xxx

      • WOOHOO! That’s awesome! Doing happy dance for you, and I’ll watch for the post….maybe I’ll be caught up reading by then LOL.

      • I spent yesterday catching up … watching the coronation, and writing yesterday’s post about Stirling Castle

      • I’m finally up to only 4 days behind….but some I follow post more than once/day. Today I need to do the ‘timer game’ between catching up the housework and reading, or I’ll have no clean dishes or clothes to start the new work week tomorrow! I look forward to getting to the post on Stirling Castle! 💞

      • I hear you on the timer game. Because of the Coronation yesterday, I’m on holiday tomorrow. Then it’s the countdown to the end of term, then the summer

      • Something fun planned for your holiday tomorrow? Or just catching up/resting up for the countdown? I know how crazy the end of term can get!

      • My Chronic Fatigue has been really bad for the past couple of weeks, so a bit of enforced resting. But I’m hoping we might have a dry moment or two so I can go for a walk round the local park with my phone/camera. Beyond that, probably I should do some marking but I should have time on Tuesday as one of my classes will be sitting an exam/assessment.

      • Wishing you a productive day of rest/recovery and I hope you are able to get your walk in between the raindrops! 💞

      • Thank you Dawn ❤️ It may not be perfect for photographs in the rain, but it may still make a pleasant walk

      • Thank you! 💞 Looks like warmer weather here and hopefully the rain will hold off….I should get outside for some clean up, but that requires getting dressed, lol. Still caffeinating and catching up….but the animals are starting to get hangry….so I’d best find some breakfast around here!

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