Are we creating a good WP Community Culture?

Today, over on Wise & Shine I’m considering how toxic, discriminatory cultures develop in organisations. I don’t believe most people set out to create such hostile working environments but it does happen. Pop over to my post on W&S and see what you think. Do you work in an organisation with a poor culture.

I’m also hoping you’ll agree that we make the WP Community’s culture a positive one. Now I feel like I’m in class setting homework – Read the Wise & Shine post and report back in the comments with your opinion on the WP Community Culture 😁

And if you haven’t done so yet, I’m inviting you to sign up to my blog – tap the link below


  1. Popped over, read your post and back here to report in your comments section😁

    a wonderful share, Brenda👌
    you’ve covered aspects that many of us relate to… work environment and here on WP.
    Thank for sharing 🤍

  2. WordPress really does have a great environment. This is the total opposite of YouTube. I think that’s because the majority of commenters here also blog, so they know how hard it is to do so. In work environments? That can vary so much, and toxic workplaces definitely suck, that’s for sure.

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