Post-Covid Weekends – How are you spending your weekends?

In her Sunday Poser #129 Sadje asked whether, since Covid, we prefer to stay home or go out to relax at the weekends. Having given this question some thought, I wonder if there needs to be a change in behaviour since Covid. Or rather, the change may not always be in reaction to the restrictions of the Covid lockdowns, but could be something else. I’m working on the assumption that some people would have decided on the end of the lockdowns that they were going to make the most of the freedom by going out etc. Whereas there will be others who, since the pandemic, will be more reluctant, hesitant and wary of going out – we still see people regularly wearing face masks although they’re no longer compulsory. Neither of these situations really applied to me. For my part, I know I don’t want to stay home any more, but equally this is because my health and fitness have improved over the past 3 years, I’m more able to act on my own desires – going out more – for coffees, for meals with friends – and to explore.

To a great extent, prior to the Covid pandemic my life was already locked down as beyond going to and from work I wasn’t able to go out, regularly declining invitations to socialise. However, the intromission given by the pandemic allowed me to repair (as per my recent post) so post Covid I emerged in a stronger position than previously. Given I’d just regained control of the energy I had, I was going out, nothing was going to hold me back and I certainly wasn’t staying at home.

For me, it wasn’t necessarily about being able to organise big nights out or having friends over for dinner; it was more mundane, being able to go into town shopping and not need to come home after the first shop, or need a 2 hour coffee break after the 20 minute bus journey into town before doing anything else.

I wanted to be able to arrange to go to the theatre with my friend and not have to consider whether I would have the energy to cope with a meal and the theatre on the same day.  Not having to think about the consequences of a night out at the theatre;  would I pay for it 48 hours later when the CFS decides to make its appearance and cripple me with fatigue and pain throughout my body lasting for a week or more.

Emerging from the lockdowns after the pandemic I discovered I was able to go for nights out without taking these factors into and this makes such a difference. To be able to go for a coffee, drinks or a meal after work on a Friday rather than feeling driven to head home and seek out my bed has been such a treat.

I’ve spent so much time sitting on the sidelines because of CFS, that now I’ve turned the situation around, I’m not staying home.  Therefore, since Covid, I’m going out more but because I can, because I’m physically able, not because Covid lockdowns restricted me.

Do you go out more or less since Covid introduced the enforced lockdowns in many parts of the world? Tell me of your own experiences in the comments section.

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  1. It looks like you’ve found your freedom in better health, isn’t that wonderful. For me personally there isn’t much difference. I go out as much now as I did pre-pandemic. Though I also enjoyed being at home during. I missed travelling, but knew I would again. I enjoy all of it for different reasons. Just like the seasons. As long as we are mindful of the moments we are in, we can find joy in them. I’m so glad you are feeling well and are approaching life with vigour. There’s nothing more frustrating than being on the sidelines of life when you’re too ill to be in the middle of it. Wishing you continued good health.

    • Thank you so much Alegria. Having a bit of a flare up this weekend, and it’s frustrating 😒 but I know it’s temporary and I’ll just take the time to rest so I can go off gallivanting again soon

      • Sort of. It’s a holiday weekend and I’m away lol. But yes, I plan to take it easy and did pack a book

  2. So very glad for you Brenda that the health issues have eased and you can be out and about as much or as little as you desire. I was working full time during Covid but when my weekends came I simply wanted to nestle inside and not think about going anywhere. Then I retired and there was still that general feeling that staying away from crowded areas might be smart. I think in many ways I have gotten used to that lifestyle and don’t mind it. I never really was a person to be doing group adventures or big nights out anyway. The cost of doing many things is rather prohibitive now as I want to live on a smaller income. Staying home mostly has become the norm and I’m okay with that 🙂

    • Thanks Deb. I think the key thing is we’re making the choices. I do prefer smaller groups and I used to always do my Xmas shopping in November because I hate the crowds. The cost of living has increased a lot which does add to some challenges.

  3. That is just wonderful Brenda. Being able to do all that and not get fatigued is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing

  4. I am so happy for you. For many years I too was stuck at home because of my son’s autism. So I know what you mean by staying at home by compulsion. I hated lockdown since we had just started being in the community. I really wanted things to go back to normal. I hope you enjoy every minute of your time outside the home.

    • Thank you. I think the main thing I’d really listening to my body so I’m not pushing myself too far on a regular basis. But beyond that, eating healthily and exercising/being active. I didnt realise just how detrimental an effect my diet was having. I really need to ensure my diet is rich in good/lean proteins and that I have breakfast

  5. What an interesting question. I’m definitely going out with my family more on the weekends because for those pandemic years things like kids birthday parties or little kid concerts weren’t happening. But now they are again so we’re definitely going out more.

    I’m so glad that you were able to repair and so that your health hasn’t been a limiting factor. That’s wonderful!

    • I’m glad you’re out and about with your children. Those experiences/adventures will give them so many good memories to look back on and will shape the adults they become- as I write this, I wonder if that’s where my love of exploring comes from

  6. I love that you’re enjoying time with dear ones…so special and important but nearly impossible in-person when you’re dealing with a chronic health issue and a pandemic. We still have friends that are cautious about their health and prefer gathering at outdoor venues to enjoy food and fun…and as the weather warms here, I’m hopeful that we can do more and more of that. xo, Brenda! 🥰

  7. My job was considered “essential” so I was never locked down. Funny thing is, right after the lockdowns were over, I got a different job working remotely. Technically, I’m in more now than I was during the lockdown 😅. Personally, I love going out to parks, doing yard work, or meeting friends for coffee every chance I get. I pray for everyone who has not recovered from the lockdown. Many blessings to you Brenda!

  8. Great news on your health. During Covid, my guy and I still went for long walks on weekends – safe being outside, away from others, trails in woods. This helped our mental health a lot! Now I meet friends for coffee/lunch that I couldn’t do during Covid, and again, good for my mental health. Also I’m SO glad I’m teaching in person now as opposed to Zoom. Zoom hurts my head. ;-0 Here’s to continued good health, Brenda.

    • Oh I can definitely agree with teaching in person as opposed to being online. I would imagine whether by Zoom or Teams, the experience would be similar. I have one class this year that is still online. It’s working but there are times when I’d like to bring them on campus but they’re very resistant. I’m actually on campus delivering the class, so it 6 and half a dozen to me anyway

  9. I’m so glad you’re able to go out much more now due to improved health. I’m enjoying good mental and physical health right now and my husband and I always go out for the day (no matter what the weather) either on Saturday or Sunday and sometimes both. We tend to go for a long walk somewhere, get coffee and cake and maybe do a little shopping. I do find myself feeling exhausted at the end of a busy day but I’m not sure if this is my medication, my age or something else!

    • I love that you and your husband do something each weekend. Coffee and cake is a feature for us too … my hubby loves his cake 🎂

  10. We take less for granted and are more mindful, we took up Kayaking and more outdoor activities and love it.

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