Helping our newer bloggers join the WP Community

I think we’d all agree that the WP Community makes the difference to blogging here on Word Press. Today, over on Wise & Shine I consider our role in helping new bloggers feel part of that Community. I think of the help I received and want to extend that welcome to others. Pop over to my post there to see what I’m planning to do.

Then come back and tell me what you think. Are there other things I can do that I’ve not thought of? Are you a new bloggers with questions? Ask away, it’s the best way to learn.

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  • Introductions over Coffee #12
    Introductions over Coffee, a blog series featuring different writers, this week spotlights Hugh from Hugh’s Views and News, renowned for offering high-quality blogging advice. This deviation from introducing new bloggers highlights Hugh’s recent post about seeking help from WordPress support, deemed beneficial information for budding bloggers. The blog also provides details about its selection process for featuring new bloggers.
  • Supporting Students
    Sometimes employers do things that make us proud to be associated with them. At a time when students struggle so much financially because of the cost of living, our college is really pulling out the stops to help them. I was walking through the canteen late afternoon today and wondered about a little paper bag… Read more: Supporting Students
  • In search of the right coffee shop environment
    What do you look for when seeking out a favourite coffee shop? Ambience? Good coffee? Wifi? What about if the wifi was missing? I had thought working in coffee shops would be a great idea – good coffee and the chance to relax and get into the writing zone – whatever that looks like, but… Read more: In search of the right coffee shop environment
  • Understanding moral choices: Doing the Right Thing
    The content discusses various posts exploring war’s tragedies and calling for peaceful solutions. A shared post by Deepak Chopra on Medium ponders why individuals and nations don’t always act morally, considering the forces that shape our ethical decisions. Readers are encouraged to share their thoughts on the topic.
  • Inspired Festivals: What’s in a prompt?
    The author provided their ESOL class a creative task to invent their own festivals after discussing Halloween and Bonfire Night. Students came up with ideas such as the Pet Day Festival, the Celebration Cake Festival, and the National Chocolate Day Festival, each with specific activities. The author hopes to keep English learning fun and engaging for their students.


  1. Your post is amazing, Brenda.
    so very thoughtful 🤍

    just to add, so you know 😁
    you are amongst those who have contributed greatly to me getting comfortable around here. Thank you 🙏
    always appreciated 🤍🤗

  2. I love Destiny’s comment…yes, yes. Your posts are always informative, Brenda…something to look forward to. 🥰

    • Aw Vicki thank you. And thank you too for being a source of inspiration and encouragement for me. Without people like you at my back, I’m not sure I’d have achieved as much 😘

  3. Ummm
    I liked this post

    And when I tapped the link, I realised it’s a long read.

    I don’t want to read it without proper attention or hastily.
    So, I’ll be back. Sorry

  4. Hi, I’m back with a bottle of water 😊

    Love the thought beyond this

    Wel, I’m a bad person tbh, because I’m not helping any new blogger 😈
    Because they spam me, like they like 10 blogs in 5 secs, that annoy me a lot.

    Recently, a new blogger started arguing on my latest blog, that was annoying too… So this prevent me from helping anyone.

    I generally interact with those, who interact positively on their own blogs. If they care about their readers, they will care about others work.

    I’m interacting very less as I once used too, I’m giving my attention to selected accounts 🫣.

    But I love the thought.
    Help those who deserve your attention ☺️

      • Well you didn’t spam me 😂


        I love your work
        And this is why I care to write lengthy comments.

        I write long comments on very few blogs. 😊

        Keep smiling 😁

  5. Many things I learnt from you.
    ✅You keep other bloggers engaged regularly by appropriate comments on their posts.
    ✅You encourage the bloggers through your comments.
    ✅You post quality articles, and readers are attracted automatically
    ✅you make it a point to visit a new bloggers post, that you find interesting and leave a comment without failure. And I don’t remember how we both came in touch with each other.
    ✅ I can go on writing…
    ✅I am sure to learn many more from you.

  6. Thank you Toris. Experiential learning is the best way to go. Regarding your writing, I’d advise you to keep writing/practicing, its the best way to develop your skills – and probably reading other, well written work. Reading is one of the pieces of advice I always pass on to my students – read so you get a feel for what good writing looks like and get an understanding of what you’re trying to do

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