Students bring project to completion in time for Easter

Before Easter I had a group of students who were working on a project to showcase their countries. The college ran an article about the class and their work which you can access below. Additionally, I’m sharing additional photos of their posters to show a bit more detail.

The project was completely the students’ own idea and as I say in the article, I have been very impressed with their work ethic.

I may not be a mother and be proud of her children, but im definitely proud of my class, my students.

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  1. Such an outstanding way to draw a diverse speaking group together and allow each one to shine! I love it when students take the lead so congratulations to the students and to you as their facilitator Brenda 🙂

    • Thanks Anabel. I’ll share the link with them tomorrow. I hope they will be pleased with all the lovely comments

  2. Student nurses did the same poster presentations exercise. Fantastic way to highlight and draw attention. The ongoing possibilities are exciting too. A poster put out into the community at appropriate venues. The only medium I understand is nurse led. So, for example, there could be one to highlight a condition or health promotion subject. Placed to be viewed in a Doctors Surgery waiting room. Awareness and clarity through gentle and stimulating visual inclusions is a great teaching exercise. Your students did themselves and yourself proud.

  3. What a diverse group!! I bet I bet it has been a great experience to learn a little more about the countries and their lives there from all of them.

    • Yes, you’re right David. I’ve learned so much from the students. It’s one of the great things about diversifying and teaching English as a Second Language

      • The job can offer the possibility, but you definitely have to embrace it. I mean, the project could be “Iconic Scottish Monuments” or “My current neighborhood”, and all that beautiful background they have would never see the light.
        Kudos to the teacher 🙂

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