The Yellow Jacket: Beginnings

She loved her yellow jacket.

Others were shocked to see her select something so bright, so dazzling. She dressed in dark and dull colours: black, brown, navy, gray. Yellow was so wrong; so out of character.

Or so they thought.

Dull was her past. Its Spring. Time for renewal. Time for rebirth. Time to shed the old labels. This new woman will wear yellow. Like a peacock, she will display bright, vibrant colours: emerald, orange, fusia, magenta and yellow.

The yellow jacket is her rebirth. It marks her emergence from the cocoon of winter. A new brightly coloured butterfly. A confident, positive and vibrant woman ready to shine in the sunshine of Spring and Summer.

She loves her yellow jacket.

The above is in response to Sadje’s WDYS #181 of 10th April, 2023


  1. This is such an uplifting story Brenda. Love the rebirth and emerging from the cocoon like a butterfly references.

  2. I think everyone should wear yellow in the spring! Actually these yellow rain jackets are a very common sight where I live 😉

    • It was actually triggered by memories of an old yellow Berhaus style jacket that I had – I still miss my jacket 🙂

  3. Brilliant and uplifting. Thank you Brenda. Spring is a time for rebirth and transformation. I love how you translated those themes to the jacket. Well done!

  4. Yellow and sunshine. Little Miss Sunshine the film. Saw it an age ago. Now I want to watch it again! Great story this one of yours. Statement of a change in life’s intent by simply wearing a jacket with specific colour choice. It lets the reader’s imagination go off into other areas too. All the best.

  5. An amazing explanation, Brenda!👏👏
    New beginnings fills my heart and imagination with new excitement.
    It’s interesting to approach ‘new things’ and ‘approach things in a new way’, to measure progress, outline a framework, within a direction.
    A remember watching Greta Thunberg in similar jacket.
    Actually, this blog post is a good description of above picture. And I felt for a moment that ‘Brenda have entered into the fiction writing’.

  6. Great stuff Brenda. I like the description of the yellow jacket and it is a vivid and vibrant color to wear even as a man. The color symbolizes new beginnings, rebirth, change, fresh start and great things to see like the yellow pages🔥🔥🔥🈁💯1⃣

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