Life comes full circle

Daily writing prompt
When you were five, what did you want to be when you grew up?

As you can see from above, this is a WP daily prompt that I decided to respond to.

Going through childhood there were a few different things I wanted to be … but even at 5 years old, I wanted to be a teacher. By the time I was about 14 I wanted to be either a nuclear physist or a lawyer. At that point I was told I wasn’t clever enough and should set my sights lower.

I left school and went to secretarial college for a year. Working as a legal secretary was as close as I got to becoming a lawyer. When I did decide to challenge my upbringing and go to university I shocked a few people because there was no way on earth I was going to study law. I’d seen how many hours lawyers worked and decided that wasn’t for me.

So now … what do I do? I’m a teacher – specifically a college lecturer in the UK, teaching Human Resource Management. Talk about coming full circle. 😁

Its taken me quite a few years to get where my 5 year old me wanted to be, and through a rather circuitous route, but I finally made it. I dont know if this is what my 5 year old self thought what the job would be like – but right now – I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

What about you … what did your 5 year old self want to be?

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  1. Who said you weren’t intelligent enough? If I could’ve then you definitely could’ve. Agree on hours they do though. I wanted to be a football player but blew that in 1989 after Celtic coming to watch me a few times but life went in a different direction[you know what I mean]. Weird how we’re both interested in nuclear physics. Would have loved to have done that but I’ve never had anything in mind and still don’t lol and too old for football now

  2. Thought provoking post.
    I guess this is not a justifiable question.
    I doubt anybody who is 5 yrs old, is intelligent enough to imagine/predict as to what he or she intends to become in their adult version.
    If this question were to be put to a 10+ kid, some comfort one can get from the answer given.
    I think we should just leave the kids to enjoy their life in playing and eating!

    • Thanks 👍🏻 😊 I hate that some people in the educational environment can have such a detrimental effect on kids and young people

      • Not really, and I’m not comfortable being told I’m doing a good job 😑 I’ve been restless since that time, not knowing what I want in life. I am still trying, but I often feel like I’m not good enough even though I’m producing good results (impostor!)

        I hope things will change soon though 😊

      • The imposter syndrome is a real barrier that impacts on our abilities to accept we’re doing a good job/something worthwhile etc

  3. “… that point I was told I wasn’t clever enough”

    Perhaps you were too intelligent for that, Brenda 😉
    as a teacher, you have the privilege of making those careers for others.
    (psst… I think teachers are the most intelligent 😁🤍)

  4. I dislike that anyone would not encourage a child to explore possibilities- especially by telling them that they weren’t clever enough! I wanted to be a nurse but thought it was impossible financially to manage the education. I ended up skirting all around actual nursing- working in other healthcare areas all my life. As you noted Brenda about being a lawyer, I too realized along the way that what I saw nurses experience and how they were treated was horrendous. My rose colored glasses came off!

  5. Slumlord; that’s was what I thought would be a great job! I was 8 to 10 years old. A guy would come to the building collecting his rent money and my parents always ask him when such and such will be repaired. No much ever got fixed. I remember his back pant pocket had a fat wallet. 😆

  6. Fun post, Brenda! I wanted to join the circus…I figured it offered fun and games and limitless popcorn, the ability to travel. Seemed perfect…until I realized how some of the animals were treated. Sigh. 😢

  7. I don’t know if I had any idea when I was 5, and if I had it wouldn’t have been sensible, but I know I wanted to be a librarian from an early age. This was mainly because I thought I could read all day! However, when I became old enough to choose and looked into it, I found I was actually still interested. It was always more about the people: all my jobs were public-facing.

    • I’m sorry Brenda, I hit send before I was even ready. I read comments like someone gave you and I always want to cry. What a horrible thing to say to someone. So glad you didn’t let them hold you back! A huge credit to you!!!☺️☺️☺️

      • Thanks Brian. I think its probably made me more determined to help and encourage others … if I can do it, so can you is my philosophy

  8. I think the system, parents and teachers should encourage children to dream big and not limit their abilities.

    • Not sure what I’d say to my 5 year old self; but at 14 I’d say ignore the career guidance counsellor and believe in yourself. To be honest, I think I’d have more to say to the Careers Advisor. They should be encouraging and supporting, not destroying and demoralising young people

  9. I love your full circle path, Brenda. I find it reassuring that we end up where we ought to be no matter how many detours we take! Interesting post!

  10. A footballer. But never did get to be one. I was okay too by all accounts. Played for the school junior team and scored a fair few goals. But Grammar School only played rugby. Played rugby for the school team but it was too full on and hard hitting in those days of the late 1960s. Not a fan. Good to hear that you realised you’re dream and became the teacher you wanted to be. All the best.

  11. What a great question and answer, Brenda. I wanted to be a train driver and then a fireman. I recall going to a fancy-dress birthday party at 5 as a fireman. My dream never came true, but other dreams of what I wanted to do soon followed.

  12. Brenda, very similar to you, I wanted to be a teacher. The closest I’ve gotten to that is serving in children’s ministry and as a pastor for about 9 years. I’m now an insurance agent with a team of people I coach. I do still find plenty of opportunities to minister to people as well. I may not be in a classroom, but a calling is a calling – we can’t help but be who we were meant to be.

  13. I like this question. I answered a question similar to it on Twitter this very week. How fun.

    At 5 I wanted to be teacher like my mother or a nurse, the girl option of being a doctor, which is what my father was. There weren’t many role models around for me to observe so I was pretty traditional with my choices. Perhaps as a writer I’ve incorporated both options: I inform and I help people feel good about themselves. Information + encouragement.

  14. And now you are very strict teacher 😛

    I’m glad that realised your childhood dream. 👩🏻‍🏫

    I never thought I will someday love health related stuff. Though it’s not my career, but I want to.

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