The nature of love: #WDYS 177

Sadje, in her prompt this week has me looking at the image and wondering do I focus on the verse, so well known by everyone, taken from the Bible; or do I focus on the image itself – loving words … words about love, singed, partially burned and with two words in red ink, one of which also has spelling mistakes.

Is this a story of love – a declaration of love. An ideal – something to aspire to – what love should be like and how we ought to treat each other.

Or is it looking at reality; where love, in life, falls short. Where the reality can be betrayal and lies. The actions of imperfect love causing hurt and pain, this love can be destructive.

Its the contrast of the perfect, idealised thought of what love should be with actuality. We we are humans, all with our own idiosyncracities and foibles, carrying baggage and insecurities, so a love that can and should be pure and innocent becomes harmful and destructive.

What I see from the image is a woman typing out the verse; she’s been betrayed and lied to, she is hurting – the words in red (easily [angry] and truth) tell me that. The fact that she struggles to type “truth” getting it wrong not once, but twice, and changes from black to red ink as she corrects her spelling, shows us just how raw her emotions are, how hurt, betrayed and angry she is.

However, even imperfect love is still love and maybe our tragic heroine isn’t ready to give up on her love yet, even if they have lied to her, as she’s put the flames out before the words were turned to ash – she’s not consumed by her anger – this time.

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  1. this is so beautiful, Brenda.
    You’ve covered so many aspects of the prompt that I, personally, did not see.
    I love it. 🤍🤗

  2. Thanks Brenda for your thoughts provoking interpretation of this image. I think I’d agree with your assessment of this note. Thanks for joining in.

    • My pleasure Sadje. I think it took me longer to write it rather than deciding what I wanted to say. Format seemed to be my battle

  3. What a great interpretation of the image of those verses. I particularly liked the bit where you mention that maybe she is not ready to let go of her love. Maybe there is still hope… It’s become much easier in a sense to say ‘no’ to love these days. Being able to just walk away gives us freedom, which is great. But not always the right choice. I pray that we all make the right choices when it comes to love. It’s not perfect, but we should thrive to be perfect in love.

    • Thank you, Sam. Yes, I think walking away seems to be too easy for some people these days. But there are also situations when people stay when they should be walking.

  4. Maybe the burnt edges are symbolic. Typed and burnt as a change of heart. Burning her bridges. Burnt before typing and it’s meaning to the relationship. So loaded into the typewriter as a gesture of added meaning to the situation. Great interpretation in your own analysis. All the best.

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