An excuse for a return trip to Lille, France

Where would you go on a shopping spree?

If I could go on a shopping spree today, I’d contact my friend, A, and we’d head down to London and catch the Eurostar through to Lille. We spent a few days in Lille about 12 years ago while on a touring holiday in France and vowed we’d return to Lille for a shopping trip – far enough to appreciate the French ambiance but be able to visit the big shopping complex that’s beside the international/Eurostar train station. That said, I believe we’d still make it a decent break. I’m not sure what exactly we’d buy – I know I wouldn’t be able to buy trousers unless they’ve changed their sizing because at 5’7″, the legs were always too short, but I have no doubt that I’d find plenty else to purchase – clothes, perfume, books, food, wine (will I be able to carry it all – I’d be taking an empty suitcase). Beyond the shopping, we would also want to sample some of the cuisine of both France and the region – lots of cafes and restaurants – and then we’d also want to visit monuments etc. I guess our shopping spree would be shopping, food, culture and history. Also, lots of material for my blog. 😆

I’ve not done any of the WP prompts before, but this one, today jumped out at me because it hit a note and reminded me of that dream to return to France. Now I just need to wait and see when we might return.

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  1. empty suitcase sounds like a perfect plan.😁
    enjoy your exploring, Brenda. Glad the prompt took you to possibilities of another adventure 😉

  2. Oh dear Brenda, with Thalys (high speed train) from Brussels to Lille it takes only 30 minutes. I have a dear friend who lives nearby and from time to time we meet there. We always want to discover new restaurants, no shopping but taking inspirations. But we know where to go for good shopping. The shopping mall close to EuroLille is very nice, but have you ever been to Galerie Printemps? If you decide to go to Lille, let me know, I would be so glad to meet you!

  3. As a stationery lover, I reckon I would be in my element in Tokyo. Japanese stationery is amazing and I’m sure there’s a fair few stores full of notebooks, stickers and cute ephemera. I have no idea how I’d get there but by magic would be good so that I can be there and back in a day!

    • Oh,now I want to come with you too, Laura. I’ve been stocking up on discounted notebooks with Paperchase closing down

  4. We hosted a French exchange student several years ago and she lived close to Lille. My wife and daughter were able to go visit her several years ago and really enjoyed getting a tour of the city.

  5. Still prefer online as don’t have to carry anything. Things work out I’ll have to think where to go for a shopping spree. Probably have to learn to drive though to transport everything.

    • Online can be convenient but sometimes the more tactile experience wins out. Plus it is the perfect excuse for coffee stops … and some cake

  6. During that holiday, my friend and I also visited Toulouse and Carcassonne. We both fell in love with Toulouse, despite the heat

  7. Only been to France the once. Paris. Not a great experience re:hotel though. Sounds like the perfect break for you this. Very eclectic. Cheers.

      • I worked in Frames Travel Agents for a few years when leaving school. They had a great big basement we rehearsed in with the band. My wage was £10 a week! When we got married they gave us a holiday to Paris through Paris Travel. The hotel, around the corner from the Rue Saint-Denis was awful. Walked around the local area. Enough said! When we turned the room light on……it moved. Cockroaches! Hence going out and about until as late as possible. So we sat on the balcony all night watching busy Paris. Left the next day on the hovercraft back home. Never been back but will some day. That brief visit was 40 years ago. Be good for you to go to a more modern apartment. All the best Brenda.

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