Repost: What is Human Resource Planning?

I’ve not really done a lot of HR specific writing yet, but most of you know I do teach Human Resource Management. Ken Hurley provides us with a clear explanation of the strategic area of HR Planning. I thought since I’m covering Recruitment & Selection right now in my teaching and Ken’s work runs complementary to my own, that I would share his wise words. I hope you enjoy a little foray into HR Planning

What is Human Resource Planning?

Human resource planning (HRP) is determining your future human resources needs and then designing a strategy to meet those needs. It is essential for maximizing your employee capacity and preparing your organization for the future. HRP helps organizations adapt their human capital to shifts in the local and global business environment, technological developments, product innovation, […]

What is Human Resource Planning?


    • Ooh interesting question. As a HR professional and teacher, I’m aware of the debate around the term, but the professional body in the UK is moving away from the term in its new qualifications … we now talk about people management. I guess it’s necessary to distinguish from the people – the staff – who are special and should be valued by their employers. The employers need to see them as more than a resource. Regrettably that doesn’t always happen, companies focus on the bottom line … the cost of labour rather than the value. I guess the term HRM was introduced to put across the idea of a function that was more strategic, and working more with the senior management – using the people to drive profits for the company. I love the idea of HR – or people management – but I’m also realistic enough to recognise that the HR function manipulates the workers to do what they need of them … through a range of HRM practices.

      • I know some companies tried to force a change of how their front line people see their customers by requiring the employees to call the customers by another term. When it came with a sincere and comprehensive effort to support it, it worked. When the change of term was the only change, not so much.

        I was curious what your view was about the term HR? Good? Bad? Ugly?

  1. I realised I hadn’t actually answered your question. I know what it’s supposed to mean but like you say, it really comes down to how companies – senior management decide they want to treat people .. names are just a label. I guess when I studied, HR was the term that was being pushed as an alternative to personnel. As a HR professional I find it difficult to separate the term as a practice, from the individual employees. That said, I talk about employees or staff/workforce to talk about the people … not resources. I guess I do agree with the argument that calling employees resources is turning them into a commodity.

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