What I’m doing to be more healthy

Today’s blog is a response to a new prompt from my friend Devang over at Fat Guy Workout. This is his first prompt, so I’ll support my friend by posting a response.

Devang asks us what are 5 healthy things we do, so here goes.

1. Drink Water

I know how important it is to drink more water. I find it easier in the summer than the winter when my preference is for hot drinks. However, I don’t drink any fizzy drink any more, not even sugar free, except for natural sparkling water (I don’t like the flavoured stuff). In general I believe I can hit my 8 glasses of water a day without too much effort. In the summer it can top 10 or 11 glasses easily.

2. Activity

I’ve decided to go with the term “activity” rather than “exercise” as we’re being encouraged to move more throughout the day rather than only exercising for an hour or so and then being sedentary for the rest of the time. With that in mind, I am trying to be a bit more active – getting up and going for a short walk, stretching etc every hour/couple of hours. Standing up in class, rather than sitting down in class.

In addition, I am trying to do some more focused exercise. I’ve put together a plan to work out twice a week and walk for at least an hour the other 5 days of the week. I’m going to build up my strength and then I want to increase my workouts to 3 times a week and go swimming too – so some plans to work torwards.

3. Blogging and Work-Life Balance

Being a HR lecturer, I touch on work-life balance but for a long time I wasn’t practicing what I preached. One of the first reasons for my blog was to try to achieve that. I’m pleased to say that in the 7 months I’ve been blogging I’ve definitely improved my work-live balance through my passion for blogging and for writing more generally.

4. Having Fun

I can definitely say blogging is fun; at least I’m enjoying myself as I learn more about my own interests and passions as I develop as a writer. Writing is fun. However, when I first drafted out my list I was thinking of fun in terms of the workplace. We are at work for quite a big part of the day so its better to do something you enjoy. I can’t say I jump out of the bed raring to go in the morning (I’m so not a morning person). I have, however, had jobs where the thought of getting up to go to work just made me want to bury my head in my pillows. I do love my job – I think that’s why I had problems with work-life balance too. As much as I can, I’d like to bring fun into the classroom – teaching theory can be boring, so if there’s anything I can do to make it more engaging or make the learning experience more fun, I’m all for it. I think sometimes as adults we forget to have fun in our lives, but its such a great contributor to stress relief.

5. Eat Healthily

I would love to lose weight, but I’m more focused on trying to develop a healthy way of eating that’s sustainable long-term, something I can live with. This is more up and down, but I’m still 1st 4lbs lost and I have learned some important things – I love natural Greek yoghurt – its like eating fluffly clouds and can feel really decadent – however I can’t eat the low fat/zero fat stuff – so my compromise is natural yoghurt, but must be full fat.

I love fresh fruit and vegetables, so trying to keep stocked up with fruit in the house at all times and when I’m working at home I fill up a bowl with fruit – apples, pears, grapes etc – to snack on throughout the day. Unfortunately because of supply issues, we’re struggling to get fruit and veg into the UK at the moment but I’m sure I’ll survive 🙂

I’ve kind of gone off track a bit right now, but my other main focus is trying to eat a more mediterranean style diet – I already only use olive oil and even olive oil spread, but need to focus on some of the other healthy aspects of a med diet – more fish, less red meat, more pulses, nuts and seeds etc.

Final Thoughts

As I say, there are quite a few things I’m working on to improve my health, but its a work in progress. Taking time to write this helps me to realise where I already have some healthy habits – some I tend to overlook because they’re now so ingrained, like the water/sparkling water, so this has been a beneficial experience to help reinforce what I’m doing well and where I can continue to improve.

Thanks, Devang, for your first challenge #5 Healthy Things I Do.

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  1. Great stuff! Betterment always starts with the self. Exercise (or activity) and nutrition are non-negotiables for me. They allow me to be at my best, so it’s a no-brainer that I fit them into my day so that I can better go through said day.

  2. Movement and nutrition are vital components of writing life, Brenda; something which does not get much coverage in writing literature. We are also struggling to get fruit and vegetables down here at the moment. Some stores have brought in limits for certain fruit and vegetables, due to people panic buying. Will tomatoes become the next toilet rolls? Best of luck as you move forward with your new healthy habits.

  3. Activity sounds much better than exercise. Taking a leisurely walk might not be “exercise” but it burns calories and is relaxing.

  4. Powerful and fun things!!
    Little things can impact big time in life.

    What you are doing is definitely great and sufficient to be healthy.
    Keep doing these, and thanks for writing this

    • I’m with you … going for a walk can clear the mind. I like my walk to the station after work for the same reason, and it acts as a marker between home and work. When we went into lockdown with Covid, I deliberately went for a walk at 4.30 for that reason

  5. Thank you John. It’s surprising how much little things matter. But whatever we do, it’s important that these are choices we can live with.

  6. Interesting points, Brenda!

    I’m able to relate all of them, and will work as per my needs and suitability.

    ✓ I’m drinking enough water

    ✓ Activity: I’ll divide my time in doing variety of tasks in such a way that they help to sustain.
    I’m currently on a break because of Holi. Our classes are going to restart soon.

    ✓ In blogging I’m trying to complete my blog’s basic design. For example, updating my about page.
    I’m extending word limit, improving my illustrations and planning of adding relevant diagrams in upcoming blog posts.

    ✓ I’m trying to maintain a regular, healthy, diverse and balanced diet. This hostel is new to me, it’ll take more time to accept it’s traditions.
    We need to adjust food according to the present environment and our nutrient needs.

    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Yes, “activity”! My father, who lived to be 90, always said to keep moving! (“And don’t look back, they might be gaining on you!” 😏)
    I don’t know if you’d consider adding to your newofestyle relaxing and listening to an audiobook, but I like to do that. I also like to listen as I do things like folding laundry, stuff that doesn’t require a lot of concentration. It keeps my mind occupied and focused. If so, I have an offer for you. My first audiobook, a short (less than 5 hours) novel called “Counselor,” is out, and I am allowed to give away 50 free downloads to people who will listen and write a review – 25 to give away in the US, and 25 for the UK. So far, all my takers have been in the US. If you’re interested, email me at bascha3870@yahoo.com and let me know the email address where I can send the link. I would love to get a review from “the other side of the pond.” 😊
    And congratulations on your healthy lifestyle! You’re being a good steward of the body you’ve been entrusted with.

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