Strange Blue Mushrooms Found Lurking in the Forest

#What do you see #172 by Sadje

Image of tree trunks in a woodland, sun shining in the distance through mist
Image by Aritha from Pixabay

As she leaves the small cottage, pulling the door behind her, Malory wraps her shawl around her to keep out the damp of the mist rising from the forest floor. She is happy to be alone in the forest, she needed the peace and quiet to think. City living was getting too hectic and this cottage provided her the escape she needed. She breathed deeply, absorbing the tranquility of her surroundings, relaxing into the soft, quiet forest, enjoying the time to be alone, to be present in her thoughts as she wanders along the soft leaf and twig covered path, with the mist swirling and rising around her ankles.

As she meanders along the path, feeling at one with nature, with the trees, the shrubs creating the forest’s carpet, dotted with the whites and yellows of the woodland flowers and the occasional mushroom clumps sprouting in the shade of the old guardians of the forest. There’s a damp, fresh smell in the air – the kind of smell you long for when you live in the concrete jungle. It was so perfect to escape and Malory is happy she made the decision to come. This, she thinks to herself, is the perfect morning.

Here amongst the quiet whispering of the leaves, Malory can feel the mystical, magical character of Mother Nature – as she ambles, she appreciates the all encapsulating, comforting magical beauty of nature.

In the distance, against the greens and browns, the yellows and oranges of forest something is disturbing her peace, something blue. Something which conflicts with the forest’s palette, pulling her attention. Garish and out of place agains the autumn colours. Its so bright Malory that cannot ignore it. From this distance its just blue; it just is there, nondescript, all that she knows is that whatever this “blue” is, it doesn’t belong here.

Getting closer Malory can see that the blue belongs to a ring of bright blue pearlescent mushrooms.

Malory gets closer to get a better look. The mushrooms are out of place, not just because they are blue, but because they are concrete. However, unlike most built structures with foundations, these mushrooms seem to have roots, concrete mycelium reaching deep into the earth, feeding the concrete, keeping the mushrooms strong and stable, almost as if they are alive. Could they be alive? Malory’s mind is racing, thinking to herself: Why have I never seen this before? Where did they come from? Has some artist placed them here? And if so, why? …

‘or’, she prompts herself,

could it be something more magical …

After all, no sculptor would have created the delicate web or mycelium, would they? Could the mushrooms have come from another place? Could they be a gateway. Malory always loved the romantic idea of fairies – is it possible that fairies really do exist, hiding in the mist of the forest? Hiding underneath the blue fairy circle?

Image shows a young woman standing in the centre of a fairy circle talking to the fairies
Image from Pinterest

What do you think? Do you dare to believe in fairies? Dare you enter the fairy circle?

Thank you Sadje, for your inspiration in your #What do you see prompt #172

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  1. A wonderful scene setting Brenda. The idea of fairies and magical mushrooms sounds about right in this setting. Thanks for joining in.

  2. Grew to love Brian Froud’s art specifically. And both Bolan’s lyrics and Conan Doyle’s belief in faerie when I was younger tweaked interest. Often watch Erwin Saunders lovely presentations on YouTube too. I have a few dozen books on folklore and mythology. In being real? Yes. I do have quite a fascination concerning their actual existence.

    • Thanks Gray. I was planning to do some research into Conan Doyle, but hadn’t realised about his interest in faeries.
      I put them in the same category as Nessie. They stir the imagination and want them to be real.
      I loved the film Photographing Fairies

      • I bought ‘Seeing Fairies: From the Lost Archives of the Fairy Investigation Society, Authentic Reports of Fairies in Modern Times by Marjorie T Johnson’ last year in a charity shop. I’ve read a couple of dozen pages. It’s a dipping in and out of type of book. Interesting stuff. If you want a huge lift? Look at Erwin Saunders on YouTube. What an interesting character with the ability to bring happiness into the day. All the best.

  3. What a beautiful image you’ve painted, Brenda! I love how the blue doesn’t fit with the usual forest palette so it draws her eye!

    • Prompts Canberra useful to help open our mind to possibilities we might not have considered alone 😁
      I’m glad you enjoyed it

  4. Thank you for my nature ‘fix’, you described the setting so well, I was really there! I’d love to see what Malory discovers hidden in the blue mushrooms…..💞

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