A magical start makes commute more fun

Its just another early morning, I leave the flat and trundle down the stairs carrying my trolley bag – why does it seem to get heavier as the days go by? Its one of those damp Scottish days – there is moisture in the air and I’m getting wet even though you can’t actually see the rain.

I’m thinking about my day ahead – which campus I am headed to? What classes are on today’s timetable? I exit the tenement and head for a bus going to the city centre. I’m also thinking about whether the bus will be on time, or if it will even turn up. Its becoming too commonplace for buses to be cancelled. The delights of public transport! Anyway, I want the bus to be on time, for the timetable to be reliable, so I can get my coffee (a girl has to have her priorities). My visit to Caffe Nero and my morning cappuccino are an essential part of my commuting routine.

The bus arrives, busy for the early hour (about 6.30 am), I check in via bus app on my phone and get settled in my seat and spend the 15 minute journey checking messages and catching up with comments and the Reader on Word Press. I am tired and think about just watching the city from the bus, but its too early and there is little life to see in the sleepy city.

We make good time to the city centre so I can take my time as I stroll through Glasgow on my way for coffee. If I’m not rushed I enjoy having the time to observe people and the goings on about me as I walk. There’s a young woman, maybe about 5′ tall trying to pull a small weekend case on wheels. Either it’s handle isn’t high enough or she’s walking too fast and the case is light, but she ends up lifting and carrying it because it won’t behave on its wheels; jumping about like an excited puppy. It’s nice to have these distractions when I go about my routines

Before I know it, I’m at Caffè Nero and chatting with the cafe Manager while he makes my cinnamon-dusted cappuccino. We exchange our usual pleasantries until its time to leave and I head round to Queen Street Station for my train.

Photo by Brenda

I step out of Neros with my coffee in hand, my breakfast packed away in my bag. It appears that some magic has happened while I wasn’t looking, above my head are hundreds of tiny twinkling stars descending to shower me with stardust. Some magic sprinkled on my day and I’m ready to face the world. All it took was a touch of magic and coffee.


  1. I think coffee and a touch of magic is a great way to start the day Brenda! Fun post for sure 🙂

  2. Magical indeed…best way to start a long day. 🤍 Lovely how you turned a daily routine into something magical. 🤍

  3. What a lovely description of your morning commute! Your attention to detail and the way you describe the sights, sounds, and emotions of your journey makes for a captivating read.

    • Thanks Sadje. I feel it found me, but it did make the day feel special 😁. Now every time I see, and walk under those lights, it’s as if the magic returns

  4. Fabulous story here Brenda and as I was reading it I was putting images in my head, imagining your walk out the house with your heavy briefcase or suitcase and then stride towards the bus stop to wait for the bus to arrive (which Thankfully it did) and then also imagining you heading to the Cafe to sip your Cappuccino ☕(I love this coffee too)

    Lastly, I am glad you had a great day overall😁✔🙌

  5. What a lovely description. I was gifted an espresso machine for Christmas… I have not tried to make a cappuccino yet… trying to master a latte. Well, the latte I can make sort of…frothing the milk to even attempt something pretty is nowhere near even amateur yet. Haha…

      • Odd that’s not what they said at the coffee shop. We only drink milk or creamer with fat- need those nutrients! I find that my almond/coconut creamer does froth fairly well though- I just need to learn more about temperature and how far down the frother should be. I just learned some people keep their little pitcher in the refrigerator too🤷‍♀️.

      • I’m not sure. I am happy with semi skimmed milk. I’ve never tried almond milk as a cappuccino. In the UK (or at least for myself) coffee creamer is a powder, not a liquid, so I couldn’t make cappuccino with it

  6. The pics look magical and I know you love trains. 😀

    This read itself is magical. Enjoyed reading this. I like the plans and sticking up to them. 😀

    • Thank you Lauren. It was a great morning 🙂 And it made the subsequent ones special too, going back to Neros for coffees and seeing the lights

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