How To See Lifelong Results (Repost)

I know for quite a few of us at the moment, at the start of the year, we’re thinking about getting fitter – and looking to make this a lifelong change rather than a short-term fix. Noom has taught me the importance of building a healthy, long-term and sustainable lifestyle and I’ve found Jeffrey Nagle’s blog posts support/endorse this approach. I hope you will find this post by Jeffrey Nagle as helpful and informative as I have. I’ve been following his blog for a little while now, and I look forward to his weekly postings.

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Have you ever asked yourself why you are doing something? Sat back and really thought, why the hell am I doing all of this? It’s tough, and sometimes leads to a spiral of thoughts and realizations. But take a second and think (goals, reasons, purpose, expectations). When It comes to exercise there can be a […]

How To See Lifelong Results


  1. Why, why, why! When we know why we need to do something or how it will help us, we’re much more likely to follow through. Change 101, thanks for the reminder Brenda. I still may not like getting up early to workout, but at least I know why it’s important now!!! Ha, ha.

    • Working on it too. I was doing so well a while back and relaxed too much and got complacent – started exercising again this week. I forgot how much I enjoy exercise 😵‍💫

  2. I don’t know- I don’t set lofty goals or challenges for myself. My main exercise is walking every day, but I allow myself to let my body tell me how much and how far. Usually once I’m going the walk becomes much longer than my brain ever anticipated, especially on cold windy days. I literally just have to get my feet out the door and let go to allow forward progress to take me where I need to go for that day. There are days that I think I could walk forever, and days not so much!

  3. Spending nearly a year as a cardiac rehabilitation nurse was a process of going to 3 different sports centres every week to work with post surgery or post heart attack ‘people’. People? They were no longer ‘patients’. Positivity and newly found intentions to realising future improvement with well being seemed to become their Mantras. It was so good to nurse in all that vibrancy. Exercise was circuit training, gym resistance equipment and exercise equipment. I actually became involved too in the activities alongside the attendees. Like yourself, the euphoria of feeling newly energised was amazing. No longer breathless on exertions. Why leave the role? I missed hospital ward work in reality. Good to see you are enjoying partaking in all of this. All the best.

  4. Exercise is a vital part of a writing routine and thank you for highlighting this, Brenda. (and the link to Jeff’s post.) I’ve often wondered why this aspect gets limited coverage in books about writing and writing craft. Best of luck with new choices, Brenda.

  5. I will read their work peacefully.
    I can learn a lot, seeing the niche is similar.
    Thanks for sharing.
    You almost gave me a heart attack. I thought a writer of your caliber is now writing a health blog. I’m done for 😨

    • Lol. No, you’re safe. I might write about my own experiences… but thats it. I am pleased to say I have now exercised (2 days walking) for 4 days straight – did another workout last night – but this morning everything hurts. I keep reminding myself it’s worth it, and why I’m doing it 😁

      • Yes it’s totally worth it.
        Yes in the beginning things will hurt
        But soon you will enjoy.
        Just do what you love the most.
        I mean, you don’t need to listen anyone about anything. Do what your heart says.

  6. Nice link! For me, the way I keep myself consistent (which is the only way I get lifelong results) is by embracing imperfection. So what if I could only do 20 push-ups today? It’s still better than zero. Or maybe I wrote in my world-building bible instead of pushing the story forward, but that’s a piece of my novel regardless. Anyhoo, thanks for the share!

    • Glad you found the link useful. I agree about the imperfections. We have to accept that thongs won’t always go according to plan. I was really on track, I’d been exercising every day for a week but on Sunday I had a migraine and vertigo and couldn’t stand, let alone exercise. I stressed at first because I was scheduled to do a workout but took a step back, it’s not the end of the world and I’ll just keep to my schedule on Monday and keep going

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