How are you approaching your planning in 2023?

Sometimes you come across information that you just feel the need to share. This article by Dan Bigman of The Chief Executive is just one of those pieces of writing. I know many people are thinking about the best ways for planning out our year ahead, I know I have been considering what’s the best approach for me. I have decided to go for a paper format – I’ve got a diary (the header photo for this post) plus a notebook that I’ve modelled to be my own perfect planner; allowing me to really map out what I want to achieve. I had considered electronic tools, but I’m an old-fashioned girl who still likes to work with pen and paper. I’m delighted that Dan’s article supports my approach and in his article he argues why using paper calendars/diaries and planners might be a good idea. I’ll leave you to find out more and read Dan’s opinions,then make up your own mind.

Want To Plan More Effectively? Try Using Paper, Study Says (

I’d love to hear, via the comments, how everyone else is approaching their planning in 2023?

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  1. Nothing beats the pen and paper style, however I must admit today’s technology does come in handy. Great ideas Brenda. Thanks for sharing 🤍

  2. Hi Brenda, your 2023 diary is gorgeous. I hold you enjoy using it. I’ll be continuing to use my bullet journal and will be continuing to use a rolling weekly system for my tasks. I’m getting plenty done each day right now but I always feel exhausted by evening time. I reckon the lack of light plays a big part in this!

    • The lack of light is wearing. Especially when it’s dull – you don’t feel that you’ve had any daylight.

      I must admit I’m looking forward to using my new diary. Nice stationery makes such a difference too

  3. I have added a couple of new planner staples to my set up and I am really excited for a new year.
    I hope you have a good Christmas and New Year. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Earlier this year, Brenda, I decided to put my big pants on and go to a digital diary and planner. The whole episode turned into a Carry On style farce. Took the dog to the dentist etc. Its paper all the way for me now. Have a great Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2023.

  5. Fantastic blog post Brenda. Honestly, the old method of pen and paper is my go to and I love it because I get to jot down my thoughts without using the notebook on my phone.

    This pen and paper makes it convenient for me to write my plans down and how to achieve them, I already bought a sheet of paper and I have blog posts to write in January which will be scheduled the first one of course. That’s my approach for the New Year

    The article you mentioned here “The end of High School English” seems interesting and I am curious to find what the author means.

    Happy Holidays 💯🌲🌲🙏

    • Thanks for reading, and for your comments.

      I’m afraid I don’t see the reference to High school English here? Could that be another post? The article I linked was about a study into online v paper
      Diaries? I did read another blog recently which posted about the use of AI to write essays

    • I wish that we’re possible, but not with my job. There are so many different things going on at the one time, that I need to plan to try to keep on top of things, and so something doesn’t slip through the cracks

      • Thank you Brenda.
        We all need each other’s wishes and blessing as the year ends and a new frightening (another COVID year) likely to burst.
        Everywhere counties are suffering because of wars, strikes and now this new variant of COVID
        Let us pray, wish and hope for the best.
        I understand that people in your country are suffering most.

  6. I prefer paper…I use electronic for shared files/tasks…but paper helps my brain figure things out much faster.

  7. There isn’t one way to do it correctly, right? What works for one doesn’t for another. I would love to be more of a planner, but it’s a struggle. Right now, I keep up with my daily gratitude journal. Maybe you have helped me find a New Year’s Resolution.

    • I agree completely we’re all different. We need to find out what works for us – which is why I’ve ended up with a primary diary for appointments etc but have created my own planner from a blank notebook. I’ll reflect on how it’s working for me and adapt as I work with it.

  8. I am a sucker for all things productivity, so I’ve tried various systems, and none get the job done better than paper, I have to admit. The digital world just seems too rigid, despite it being the most convenient. I tend to pay attention to the tasks I record on paper, but boy do I have tons of scrap paper strewn around the house, and that can get messy sometimes. Pros and cons, I guess.

    • That sounds like me. I’m hoping using a bullet journal will help keep things together … just hope I don’t bury it and end up with multiple versions of the journal 🤣

  9. Planning over years and years now is always written down. My careers in supporting work made it essential. As a musician, potter and photographer? Not needed really. Went with the flow of life. The last two years in retirement? Last 2021 year I made up my own July to December simple as simple Word sheets after the July retirement date. Categories of garden, house decorating, blog projects, etc. My nurse role had ended, retirement needed motivation and my home and garden were a total mess! So a plan was vital. This year I used two different and appropriate Monograph planning A4 paper with fountain pen bravado. Monograph is lovely paper. This year. Monograph continues and a Christmas gift that is a Tiger planning pad. If I can see it written down and don’t at least try? The words look back at me with a frown on their little lettering faces! 😊 All the best.

  10. I am mostly old school too. 😀 I like a mix of all and mostly pen-paper. I want to have monthly theme based year.

    Greetings for 2023. 😀

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