Rediscovering my imagination

Waking up at 4.30 am – a couple of hours before my alarm was due to go off this morning – I was wide awake and my mind was racing, full of clear, sharp images and a story to tell. I would usually just head straight back to bed, but not today. I did try but the dream I’d had was pushing to be written. I’m trying to be more creative, allowing my imagination to surface more, so when I woke up this morning with the images from my dream so clear in my mind, I just knew I had to start writing immediately. How I will develop my story, and whether I post it, remain to be seen but for now, I’m enjoying the excitement of being more creative, seeing where that journey takes me.

I guess if I want to be more creative, I need to run with my ideas and see where I end up. I guess its not just my blog that’s evolving, but me too. I should enjoy the ride; hopefully its not too bumpy.

As a child I was creative, I was always writing stories in notebooks – they were never kept so I now have no idea what those stories were, or even if they were any good. Years later, my mother confided that she always thought I’d end up as a writer because if I wasn’t writing, my nose was in a book. I can remember her telling me to go play outside – I’d grab a book and find a quiet spot to hide and read. Books did and still do capture my imagination. It now appears blogging is my gateway back to that passion for writing creatively which I’m once again starting to explore. Lets hope I don’t have too many 4.30 am sessions.

Want to see what I’ll write next; will the story from my dream be shared? Follow my blog and you won’t miss out.


  1. early morning is the time of day when I am most creative, when the world is still sleeping and I am free to think and write

  2. I think more than anything I was taken aback by the early morning “wake up call” but I can see how that would work. Thank you for sharing your own experience.

    • Thank you Wynne. I typed up the draft I wrote this morning. I feel it needs work but I’ve never done anything like this “formally” before. I might just publish when I’ve done enough so that I can get feedback and some guidance/suggestions

  3. Sounds like a plan. I wake up regularly around that time and often find picking up a fountain pen and simply writing takes you down all avenues. Spontaneity is a glorious freedom. Song lyrics, naive little poems, character creation, etc for self expression. Or analysing others’ written or filmed work to understand perspectives from others’ mindsets. You have the New Year beckoning with those self promise ambitions that happen every 31st December evening. Your subconscious 04.30 brain was right on the nail. Go with your inner voice. Can’t wait to see what materialises. Cheers and all the best.

  4. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of your new phase of creativity, Brenda. I find I am most creative in the early part of the day. Follow your pen, you never know where it takes you.

  5. I envy your early morning burst. If I wake up at that time (and frequently due) I feel an overwhelming sense of doom. Once the sun comes up, this psychic pain passes. Mornings are my creative time set aside for writing projects. I read a lot about the nature of creativity. Rules,”shoulds”, boundaries, doubt, and self-editing impede the creative process. Just watch a young child with a paint brush discovering what she can make.

    • It’s not always like this, but as I tune in more to my creativity, I’m surprised when and how it happens

      Thanks for stopping by and proving your feedback 🙂

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