Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser

If you are in the UK you’ve probably seen the Hotel Chocolat adverts for their Velvetiser – this is based on my own experiences of using the Velvetiser and is in no way sponsored by or endorsed by the company.

I got my own Velvetiser last year for my Christmas and it does make to die for smooth, creamy, velvet hot chocolate. You make the hot chocolate by putting cold milk and the grated chocolate that makes up the Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate (today I was testing their mint flavour) into the Velvetiser and turn it on to let it work its magic. 2mins 30 secs later and I have a cup of perfect liquid heaven – so tasty I couldn’t wait to try before taking a photograph for the post – but I’ll share a snap from a visit to their cafe.

I’m spoiled now with their hot chocolate, I would struggle to go mainstream now – i’d rather keep this as one of my little luxuries.

The one thing I would say, that I’ve learned about the Velvetiser is that sometimes you might think that the machine is broken as it doesn’t seem to be spinning/turning the milk. What I’ve discovered is that sometimes the chocolate flakes congeal at the bottom and you need to mix it up so the Velvetiser will continue to work.

two mugs of hot chocolate with chocolate whipped cream sitting on a table

Happy Hot Chocolate drinking everyone.

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  1. I’ve looked at these, I thought about getting one as a family gift but am I right in thinking they only make one drink at a time? There’s six of us- sometimes 8/9 if the kids have friends or partners round!- so not sure it would work for us. I do love Hotel Chocolat, it’s deliciously indulgent!

    • Yes you’re right Helen. It does only make one cup at a time. I have heard that they’re looking at a family sized one, but before I got my Velvetiser I just heated the milk on the hob – the microwave didn’t melt the chocolate enough

  2. My wife sells Spanish Chocolate by The Spanish Chocolate Company in her shop. Adding more powder you can make a much thicker result than ordinary off the supermarket shelf ones. Using the Gaggia espresso machine steam wand, it kind of works nicely. Making the powder to a paste by adding a little milk first. Then top up and surf the steam wand as if making cappuccino. But probably not to the standard of this Velveteer method. It sounds great….but on looking at the price of the machine? A bit out of reach. All the best.

    • That does sound delicious. I remember having churros with chocolate in Seville and was surprised at how thick it was.

      • I have Googled in the past and, as you say, people do dunk various choices. My son works in a Spanish food warehouse which specialises in all things food and alcohol. His knowledge on Spanish foods and wines is unbelievable. I’m going to get him to recommend some chocolate dunking options now. 👍. Cheers.

      • I will. There are a great amount of food choices when I pop in. In the town of Aberystwyth is also the Tapas cafe and delicatessen which is also part of the business. Dos Hermanos do some amazing sweet choices.

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