Aran Coffee Shop

On Friday we had a change of pace at work and we’re engaged in staff development. our manager had put together something very special for us. We were going to a wellbeing session – meditation, mindfulness and a few other things. I was looking forward to a relaxing day.

We had agreed to start off our day by meeting at the Aran Cafe in Falkirk. I heard it was a new addition to the town centre (although the couple who own it already have their first cafe in Linlithgow.

The cafe itself was inviting. It has an open, bright and airy feel created by the spacious layout. It’s nice to be in a cafe which doesn’t feel like they’re trying to cram in as many covers as possible. You feel like you have some privacy, not being too close to the other tables.

We had coffees – lattes and cappuccinos and a hot chocolate. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the drinks. Aran uses a single blend for their coffee. The owner tells us that the grind is naturally sweet which is why they don’t provide flavoured syrups – except at Halloween when they made their own, less sweet syrup. I hope they might create a Christmas blend. My cappuccino was delicious; they were right about the coffee. It was perfectly creamy with the foam and no hint of bitterness. They were also able to sprinkle my coffee with cinnamon, so perfection in a cup.

To go with the coffees and hot chocolate we ordered some scones with jam and butter. My friends split the scones because they seemed quite large. I opted for a portion of toast which turned out to be more filling than expected – wholemeal sourdough toast – definitely a treat, but there was so much, I shared my toast too.

What better way to start the day than catching up with friends and colleagues over coffee, toast and scones. That set us up for the wellbeing journey we were to embark on.

I’ll certainly be returning to Aran. It would be a perfect place to grab a good coffee while working; or for explorers in Falkirk.

The link to Aran’s Facebook page is provided below.

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  1. It’s good to find a place that feels right. This sounds like a well set up place. My wife has a local artisan baker supply her Wholefood shop. The wholemeal sourdough is popular and flies off the shelves. I love it toasted too, but it has to be cut a bit thinner because, as you say, it’s a bit filling. Cheers and all the best.

    • Thank you Gray. I should make more of an effort to find a good local baker
      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

      • Good to find a decent artisan baker or three with lots to choose from. Our local ones sell on the local Machynlleth market day too. Always popular. All the best and thanks for replying.

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