Hot Chocolate Anyone?

My nephew loves hot chocolate and since, as his aunt, I wanted to spoil him while he was visiting for a few days, we had to go somewhere special for a drink – he wanted hot chocolate and I decided to indulge myself too.

Hotel Chocolat is a luxury chocolate retailer whose business is built on ethically responsible practices. I am biased because I do love their chocolate and allow myself a few indulgences – especially their pink champagne truffles. However, I digress …

We visited the Hotel Chocolat Cafe on Buchanan Street in Glasgow. I had recommended their black forest gateau hot chocolate – its my favourite. At home I just have the hot chocolate but in the shop they asked if we wanted whipped cream – well it wasn’t just any ordinary whipped cream – chocolate flavoured cream decorated with crispy chocolate balls and a long triangle of chocolate.

As if the quality of the products isn’t enough, I was really pleased and surprised by the customer service – going that extra mile. Before making up our drinks, our server wanted to check there were tables available for us – so space confirmed, the drinks were prepared and all that was left was for us to savour the flavour.

I was in heaven – I am even thinking about it. If you’re able, I would definitely recommend a visit to a Hotel Chocolat Cafe.

Thank you to Blame it on the art for the prompt in their post about their own hot chocolate experience – you can read about that on their blog.

Thank you for reading. I’d love for you to share your favourite hot (chocolate) drink with me in the comments section.


    • Couldn’t agree more Philo.

      I see I got the timing wrong with the scheduler and set for 12 hours too early

  1. “Savour the flavour”…your description of the hot chocolate sounds so tempting. Chocolate whipped cream? Oh my. Thanks for sharing and for tantalizing my taste buds, Brenda. 😉

  2. Me too. Unfortunately I need to drop the whipped cream as it made me ill 🤒 but I can still enjoy the hot chocolate

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