Iconic statue in Glasgow

I’d like to introduce you to the Duke of Wellington, Glasgow style

Yes, thats a traffic cone on his head. Do you like our unique twist on his hat?

The traffic cone on his head is as iconic in Glasgow as a normal statue would be elsewhere. The cone first appeared as an addition in the 1980s (possibly a drunken prank) and since then, whenever the cone is removed by the Council, its almost immediately replaced. In 2013 there was a plan to raise the statue so the unusual hat couldn’t be replaced, but there was public outcry, a petition with over 100,000 signatures was created to oppose the Council’s position. The council did back down.

The Duke of Wellington is considered incomplete without his hat. Our traffic cone capped statue is part of Glasgow’s culture and our sense of humour is something we’re proud of.

This statue is part of Glasgow and the hat stays

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Do you have any similar quirky attractions or stories where you live?


  1. Brussels symbol is a little child peeing called Mannequin Pis https://www.manneken-pis.be there is an association looking after him and he has a lot of clothes. They dress him up for special occasions. I would like to see him dressed more often because he looks much cuter and the clothes are very nice.

    • Dressing him up sounds like a lot of fun. I visited the statue when I was in Brussels, but he wasn’t dressed up.ooking at the museum, I see he has a lot of outfits. Thanks for sharing thos little boy

      • Indeed he has a lot of outfits, more than one per each day of the year. But they dress him up only 23 times in a year, which is a pity because he nicer when he is dressed.

  2. In America we are too ruinously sanitized to allow for any such popular good humor. The hat would have been removed at dawn, a warning sign and perimeter fence erected, and anyone coming within ten feet of the barrier would be profiled for civil insubordination.

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