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A colleague recently commented that she believes the reason I’m so chilled at work and just take things in my stride is because I travel by public transport and therefore don’t have the stress of driving on the motorways etc. I’m not sure that’s the whole picture, but I do enjoy train travel.

Yes, a car may be faster but I’m not so sure that it would be better. For my whole working life I have always relied on public transport so I’m unable to draw a real comparison, but I like my train journey – I like the fact that the journey is long enough to benefit from the time on the train.

I suspect for most people, trains are simply a means of getting from A to B and they don’t take the time to relax and enjoy the journey. Looking around as I get on my morning train, I see many people working, reading or scrolling through social media etc. I’m not saying I don’t do these things, but I have my own daily rituals. When I alight the bus I head to a local Caffe Nero for coffee and breakfast (raspberry Greek yoghurt and a pastry), wander up to the train station and get myself settled on the train. Taking time to enjoy my breakfast and once we leave Glasgow its nice to sit and enjoy the view – speeding through the countryside – the Campsies, the Ochils until I reach my destination.

Image by Jasmin from Pixabay

I love travelling on trains – whether that’s for work (my daily commute) or further afield – to travel, day trips, holidays etc. To me, especially if its a day out or going on holiday, its the start of the whole experience and should be savoured. It’s not just a means to an end. I get to see different landscapes, towns and cities etc that I might like to visit. Planning where I go next.

One thing that really gets me excited is travelling on the East Coast Mainline that runs from Edinburgh to London. What love is the opportunity to see the sea. I feel energised by the sea and really miss that, living in the city.

Trains do have their drawbacks too, delays, currently disrupted by national and local industrial action, but I would still choose the train for the opportunity to relax and enjoy the journey.

Generally speaking I don’t find train travel stressful. If something happens and I’m delayed, there is not much I can do so I might as well sit back and relax. I compare my daily commute with that of my colleagues in cars. They always arrive at work stressed … bad and angry drivers … delays … accidents … roadworks etc. I also find that if the weather disrupts my train, my colleagues are faring worse by car.

I remember a couple of weeks ago trains were disrupted by the weather – delays, cancellations. I got to the station, feeling harassed (I was soaked through) and everyone seemed stressed – I decided on a coffee and a seat, review the situation, see which trains are running and select my preferred train home. I guess its not just the trains that make me less stressed, I wanted a stress-free train for my journey. I enjoy train travel, so I chose the least stressful option.

My train journey allows me to use the time to transition between worklife and homelife; to unwind and de-stress. I know on the days I work from home that is very hard to achieve. Train commuting is certainly working for me.

What about you? What are your experiences of train travel?


  1. I love your post! I don’t travel by train to go to work but by underground. And I share the same feelings. I cannot say that I enjoy the trip because it is too short but I arrive at work in a very relaxed mood. On the opposite, my fellow colleagues they come at work very much stressed because in Brussels the traffic jams are crazy!

  2. Hi Brenda,

    Trains are popular in my country too. They have become an important part of our daily lives. I enjoy observing local people performing various activities and their duties.

    You have described your train journey in a detailed, progressive and beautiful manner. Industrialisation has deeply affected our world.

    It’s important to include individual goals in the collective goals of the governments.

    I hope your life gets easier and better. Train journeys are worth exploring ourselves among people or vice versa.🚉

    • Thank you for commenting Lokesh, and for the feedback on my writing.
      I agree about government action. The Scottish Government took our railway back into state ownership but train fares here are very expensive. But despite that, I do still appreciate the train

  3. I am a little envious of your daily train journey. I have never been on a passenger or commuter train in my life. I’ve been on a couple of excursion trains, but we don’t have an trains where we live except freight trains. Nice post!

  4. Glad you enjoyed the post. Maybe at some point you’ll have the opportunity to travel on a passenger train 😁

  5. I’m like you, Brenda. Trains are my favourite mode of transport. They are great places to write. A snippet of an overheard conversation, an A-Z of body language and behaviour. All great material for a writer. The best bit is, you can do your research while the outside world slips by. I moved from London some years ago and never thought I would miss my daily battle on the tube, but I do.

  6. Absolutely love travelling by train (although it’s not cheap – that given the fares haven’t gone up in line with fuel, so perhaps I shouldn’t moan). I used to love to drive but the roads are too busy (and full of idiots who seem in a rush to get to the places of work they complain about) for it to be fun anymore. I agree about getting to work (although I’ve just retired) – always seemed to get there more chilled than when I used to drive!

  7. I wish I had better public transportation where I leave. I would opt to take a train over driving. I’m glad I now work remote – so my commute is basically a walk to my kitchen for coffee, then to my office down the hall. I relax by meeting up with a friend for lunch at my favorite coffee shop. I also live vicariously through the descriptions of your journey (a jealous really) 😁.

    • Thanks Lex. I’ve not quite built my home office yet, so when wfh, I’m still sitting at the kitchen table. In reality, I’m on campus 2-3 days a week. I am thinking about working from coffee shops some afternoons so I can also write about them in my posts. There are a few on my list to check out

      • There are some wonderful coffee shops here that people use for that very purpose. One of my favorites is called Crazy Love Cafe. I think it’s one of those shops you would love because it’s the perfect place to have great coffee and people watch. 😄

  8. I took an overnight train from Hanoi to Sapa once, and it was one of the most unique ways of travel. Sadly, my roommates were kinda loud, and I had a stomachache which introduced me to the world of using the toilet in a _very_ bumpy setting, lol. Anyway, thanks for this post!

  9. When I lived in DC, we took advantage of the Metro, and I enjoyed it. We also used to take the auto train between DC and Florida with our children when they were young. I like trains, but there are none near where I live now. Your journey through some lovely countryside sounds so relaxing! Thank you for sharing it, Brenda!

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