Morning Reflections

Commuting to work usually means rushing about to get from home to work. An ordeal of stressed people and busy transport networks. Tuesday morning started off in the same way. I got soaked walking to the bus stop, and then the train station. My jacket was still wet when it was time to come home.

However, I was early enough at the station to grab a coffee and croissant to enjoy on the train. On the train I had the table to myself so I had a calm space to relax, enjoy the scenery on my travel to Stirling and let my mind wander. I do like commuting by train rather than driving.

Photo by julie aagaard:

Arriving at Stirling, the rain had stopped so I decided to walk to work … I had 50 minutes so I knew I could take my time.

That morning stroll was magical. Even though the city was busy with people rushing and busy roads full of traffic, I felt calm, able to enjoy the stillness of the after rain morning atmosphere.

The air feels and smells fresh, although the rain has stopped I can still smell it … its still quite warm, transitioning from summer to autumn and the heat causes the mist to rise creating that magical feeling and the Wallace Monument surrounded by the rising mist really captures my mood.

My perfect morning commute

What a great way to start the day. A healthy stroll, beautiful captivating scenery. The soggy jacket didn’t even enter into my thoughts. Time to reflect and get myself ready for the day ahead.

Thank you for letting my share my commute with you. Do you have any similar pleasures?


  1. It really sounds like a perfect commute. I would the rain added to the pleasure. I work remotely, so my Saturday mornings in the park is my “local commute” complete with a stop at my favorite coffee shop on the way home.

  2. I like bathing without the heater, so my little pleasure in the morning is finally feeling the warmth after a cold shower. Gives me a morale boost even though it’s a tiny thing lol.

    • Cold showers … dont think that’ll be happening in November in Scotland. But thanks for sharing what gives you a boost

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