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This blog was intended to be a personal journey, but now I am considering resurrecting a professional/career focused one too. I’m not sure if they should be kept separate or combined? I’m really putting this out into the blogging community for any insights from more experienced bloggers?

While this blog is focused on my journey to achieve a desired lifestyle and sharing the journey; my other focus/other blog is primarily focused on academic study skills and studies in Human Resource Management … is it better to run and manage these separately or combine them but maybe have content pages on my blog site which could keep them separate?

I guess this blog falls under curiosities since I’m curious 😂

I really appreciate any insights or viewpoints


  1. 🙂 I suggest creating a separate blog for your Human Resources Management.

    This current blog (despite being very informative) feels more like a personal blog.

  2. I personally would just keep everything as one, and morph along with what I enjoy writing at any era in my blogging life. In fact, I’d started out writing sappy stories about my heartbreaks, lol, which transitioned to self-improvement, then writing about writing.

    Had I created a new blog for each topic pivot, I’d have an audience-less collection of small blogs instead of one master blog with a decent following.

    But that’s just me!

  3. If you want to read a blog cycling between personal and work, Mitch Teemley entertains and educates. He rotates through his passionate topics. I stick with my focus on writing, publishing, and promoting books. On occasions I slip in a personal story to emphasize a point.

      • Sounds good. Rule #1: there are no rules; Rule #2: don’t forget rule #1. Have fun, too!

  4. You could keep everything as one, posting personal experiences on a certain day and then professional articles on a different day. Personally, I write poems, short stories, and articles, and there are readers who like each one.

  5. I concur with Stuart Danker and philosophy through photography.

    Given my highly multidisciplinary backgrounds, I still keep everything together in one main blog. You are welcome to peruse my “About” page to see how this is rationalized and achieved.

    By the way, how would you like to be addressed?

    Yours sincerely,

    • Thank you SoundEagle. I will have a look. I think you’re right, I am finding there is cross-over in themes and interests, that I can’t always distinguish.

      As for address, I hadn’t thought about that. My name is Brenda, so I’ll update my profile info to include that

      • Dear Brenda,

        Unless you intend to keep your private life and personal matters largely or completely separate from your professional space and clientele, then having everything together is the best approach. Besides, your clients may relate to you better as they can see and understand you as a person via your blog posts more holistically.

        Yours sincerely,

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