Thursday is Mexican

Wondering where to go for lunch or dinner in Glasgow or looking for something different. I can recommend Mezcal on Hope Street, right in the heart of the City Centre and within a few minutes of Central Station.

I was meeting with a friend (B) on Thursday afternoon which was a delightful treat; we decided to dine at Mezcal. It was my first visit to this unassuming restaurant which, while being just round the corner from Central Station, I had walked passed so many times, not giving it a second thought. But B had spotted an online offer to share a Margarita and a taster menu for £17.50 each – we thought why not. It was a good decision.

Initial Impressions

I had arrived a bit early so I had time to make sure I found the place (Google Maps sent me in the totally wrong direction). When I arrived the tables outside were all empty but there were lots of tables occupied with happy diners inside. There was a party atmosphere and the music was loud but I got used to it quickly – it fitted with the environment of the restaurant and added to the Mexican feel. There was one party of about 8 people along the side wall of the restaurant who all seemed to be in the party spirit. It is a small restaurant – maybe with about 20-25 covers.

The restaurant was decorated with brightly coloured ceramic tiles and Latino themed photos and images representing El Dia de Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead).

El dia de Los muertos

Staff were attentive, enthusiastic and friendly, with a good knowledge of their food and drink menus. Service was efficient without feeling rushed.


I was quite excited – I’ve not eaten very often at a Mexican restaurant and I must admit I’d never had a Margarita before. We were given the option of 4 different flavours: lime (B explained that this is the “normal” flavour), passion fruit, mango – or you could combine the flavours. As I love mango and passionfruit, that had to be my choice. It was delicious and took me to a bright and colourful Mexican paradise.

With the mango and passionfruit I expected the Margarita to be sweet; I could taste the alcohol (added bonus when I found out that it contains orange liqueur) but I was surprised when I found it tart and I could taste the thick slice of lime that had been added to the drink. While it didn’t taste as expected I did enjoy it; the lime and lack of sweetness made it more refreshing and would definitely order this again. I guess at some point I should also try the original lime.

I should say that non-alcoholic drinks were also available and we were provided with chilled water on arrival.

The Food

We ordered our drinks and had a look over the special menu we had to pick from. Our waitress assured us that there would be enough to eat and we shouldn’t need to order any additional dishes beyond the 6 dishes we would be ordering as part of the deal. We ordered guacamole & tortilla chips; loaded nachos, 2 plates of tacos (spinach and chorizo). We supplemented our order with rice and beans and mushroom quesadillas. It certainly made for a very colourful presentation as you can see from the picture below.

Lunch anyone?

Once I’d finished taking photographs of the food and we could actually start eating, the food was delicious and I was aware of the different flavours and the herbs and spices being used to flavour the food. I loved the little pots with lime quarters and even one with chopped up onions and chopped fresh herbs. It was clear from the flavours that everything was made fresh.

The food was delicious – so many interesting and delicious flavours and our server was correct, we couldn’t finish everything.

The food, margaritas and ambiance of Mezcal were all good and I’d recommend a visit to sample their offering. I’ll be back with more friends.

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